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In pur-suit of elegance…

Friday 23rd February

Written by Manjit Birk

This morning Nisha, Pam and I spent an hour helping Slough Outreach with donated Asian wear fashion items! commonly referred to as 'suits'...

When Shin told me about the task I knew I had the right person signed up! What doesn't Nisha know about Asian fashion??? She's our glam Bollywood Queen!

So the task was to sort through all the donated lenga's; salwar kameez; dress suits; suits; sari's and general party sharty items into 3 piles...

  • Hang with pride and sell for a fiver;

  • Bargain bucket good to go but missing an item for 3 quid;

  • Long lost love not worth keeping so lets give to rag.

In our best 'market trader' accents we got to work...

Classy is not what you wear... It's how you carry yourself

Some of the donated items were of immaculate condition and a real bargain at a fiver... we hope some lucky locals pick these items up!

Within one hour we had sifted through 2 big boxes of clothes and labelled them accordingly!

So from drab to fab we did our job!

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Knit your socks off...

Monday 19th February

Written by Manjit Birk

Tonight we helped Slough Outreach with a sorting task of the items that they would distribute to their homeless community. The Hub was looking amazing now with tables for sorting items and a full shelfing system.

We met at the task location and three of us headed out for a walk around the block before heading back to the Slough Outreach Hub to start the task. It was great to have Jenni join us for a task.

Shin wanted some big bags unpacked, sorted into items (such as gloves, snoods, socks etc ) and re packed into crates so that when he wanted to take them out on his outreach visits it would be easier for him to find the items.

So that's what we did...and I think Shin was crateful for the sorting!

Peter had a special task. One of putting an MDF table together...and we knew if antone can he can!

It was a short but swift task tonight but we are back there on Friday morning to sort through the donated Indian clothes.

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Let's run just a litter bit?

Monday 12th February

Written by Manjit Birk

This evening we were back at one of our very original task's - Wexham Park Hospital doing a litter pick task. It was great to have Jean back after a little break.

Also really good to see Rosa, lovely to catch up with you.

We met at the top of Shaggy Calf Lane and I briefed the team of the task, the distance and that we would be doing a litter bit of running

Running? But I like walking said Hamid

That was no problem either as we had Jean on back marking duties so walking is never an issue. But guess who was leading the 'run' pack? Yep... Hamid. He had decided to run instead and what a good runner he is! He's kept that talent a secret.

As we approached the hospital grounds we bagged up the bags onto the litter pick loops, paired up and got to work.

Each pair managed to fill a bag each, just proving the fact that we need to continue supporting the hospital with this type of task.

Thank you for everyone's help tonight.

Next week we will be in Cippenham helping Slough Outreach with getting their storage.

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Bridge the gap

Monday 5th February

Written by Manjit Birk

We had a relatively simple task today of leafleting for Antz Kids Activity Club, Beat the Boat 10k race and of course GoodGym

Our meet up point was Salt Hill Activity Centre with the aim of an easy jog around the park followed by strides before hitting the streets of Slough with a leaflet task. I'm not sure the strides had the same exciting impact on the team as they do on me but when Mehdi says

Yes why not!

Then why not? So off went Mehdi, Ali, Vineet, Keith and I as Jen and Brenda continued with their walking laps of the park.

We always love seeing Brenda, who is Jen's mum and partner in crime! Thanks for coming along Brenda.

So as we left the park towards Baylis Rd I planted the seed of 'hill sprints' on Horlicks Bridge... but I think they thought I was joking!

We split off into smaller teams/pairs to cover as much ground as we could.

Jen and Brenda went down Baylis Rd

Keith and Ali went down Bradley Rd

Whilst Vineet, Mehdi and I took Belgrave Rd

Although it looked like we had a lot of leaflets we all ran out of them within 25 minutes but luckily we had covered most the houses in our subsequent areas.

So hill sprints it is!!!!

Vineet was eager to do 5 reps so that's what we did!

Well done to everyone..

See you next week at Shaggy Calf Lane at 6:30 for a litter pick task at Wexham Park Hospital.

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Summer Sorting

Thursday 1st February

Written by Slough runner

4 goodgymers helped May sort out Summer colours with our creative Maya she helped us put them in the right shades.

The team managed to sort around 10 bags of clothing with plenty mote arriving, Helen found a great Fat Face item and Sut/Maya went for the swim selection.

Thank you for help!

More dates to follow shorlty.

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We did it our way….

Wednesday 31st January

Written by Manjit Birk

The final task of our January Challenge as we all smashed it! 135 good deeds done and dusted!

Well done to everyone who did something good for Slough. Be it litter picks with your little ones, food bank donations or phone calls to the elderly

Now lets enjoy February

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