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Upstairs downstairs

Monday 11th September

Written by Helen Conner (she/her)

5 Goodgymers made their way to the Nest Project to help sort their storage of baby clothes.

Steep stairs created the divide between the storage of winter clothes versus summer clothes. We lifted, carried and stepped box after box up and down the stairs of the warehouse. We then played jenga trying to get the boxes to fit back into the cupboards.

This bi-annual activity is as good for the legs as it is for the lungs!

Well done everybody :)

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Hi-fives all round - GoodGym gives Junior Parkrun a helping hand

Sunday 3rd September

Written by Ruth

Fluorescent vest, check. Whistle (in case of disaster), check. Laminated instructions, check. Giant foam hand, check. Bubbles, optional. Enthusiasm, bucketloads.

Yes, GoodGym was back at the Odd Down Cycle Circuit helping out at the weekly junior parkrun for children aged four to 14.

The six of us had a special task of leading the warm-up for those taking part and their parents. And no matter how high the team jumped, kicked or bent in strange directions, the audience followed with gusto.

The sun also did its bit at warming us up, which was a welcome change.

Then, armed with our foam hands, we took our positions on the course, ready to hi-five the pint-sized athletes as they aimed to run the 2km the fastest possible.

"Great job", "Fabulous", "Brilliant", "Fantastic!", "You're amazing!", "Yayyyy!". Just some of the encouragement we gave to the parkrunners (and occasional parent) as they passed by. We meant every word. It's fantastic to see these young people show up on a Sunday morning and give their all.

You can see their sense of achievement on their faces.

69 children completed the course - that was a lot of GoodGym hi-fives.

The fastest did it in 8.05 minutes - though it is clear that everyone is a winner in the fun and friendly atmosphere.

Hi-fives also to the GoodGym team who ran to and from the sports ground - quite a challenge in itself.

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Helen Conner

Once upon a time

Sunday 20th August

Written by Helen Conner (she/her)

Once upon a time there was a park in central Bath. It was filled with the sound of joy, laughter and children. Relish Running had put on a race for over 1,500 people and Moorland road library needed marshals to help staff the event, which in return would raise vital funds for their library.

It was a beautiful day. We helped to register runners, hand out medals, give out refreshments and celebrate achievements.

It was a lovely event to be part of and great to know we help to raise funds for a great cause.

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Fawn of the shed

Monday 21st August

Written by Jer Boon

There's no "I" in team.

But there is an "I" in pie. And there's an "I" in meat pie. Anagram of meat is team, and... wait, what am I talking about?

A team of 7 from GoodGym Bath braved any potential zombie apocalypses and headed out to the lovely village of Englishcombe just outside town in order to paint a shed for the Life Project.

Our contact, Rich, gave us all the necessary tools and a couple of buckets of brownish (let's call it fawn for the sake of the pun...) paint, and set us to work on two sides of his organisation's outbuilding.

We sanded, brushed and painted, even spruced up the bird box - and finished the task just in the nick of time to head to the Winchester for a nice cold pint.

Anyone fancy a Cornetto?

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Vine and dandy

Saturday 12th August

Written by Jer Boon

A couple of us trekked over to the Walled Garden for our monthly help-out.

We tended to a few of the new beds, some of which we'd helped build last month. Things have already been growing like crazy. I knew there was a point to all that rain we’ve been having lately!

Having said that, we done a bunch of watering as well, including the epic tomatoes growing in the polytunnel.

And to finish, the old classic: turning compost.

We took away a nice haul of chard, tomatoes and beets for our help. An unexpected but welcome reward for a great morning's work.

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I hope our paths cross again

Monday 7th August

Written by Aaron Carrington

This evening's task was an unexpected sunny delight weather wise. Our mission at the beautiful Alice Park Garden was to slowly dissect a huge pile of wood chippings and ferry them (via wheelbarrow) up the garden and onto a patch of grass between a wall of apple and pear trees, creating a path between them.

I elected to stay near the path and rake all wood chippings that came my way while Tanya, Mike and Stephen were loading the wheelbarrows and bringing them to me to be spread. We were instructed to make the pile of chippings as high as possible (and reasonable) as to stop any pesky weeds that might pop up and ruin the scenery.

It wasn’t long before we’d got a good 20 barrow loads or so and the once pile of messy chippings was now looking like a proper path! Once the path had sufficient attention, we were kindly served locally picked peppermint tea (served in a Mario mug! - see picture) and offered a selection of leaves to take home, bonus!

After tea, we covered any remaining wood chippings with a tarpaulin to protect them from any future downpours.

Another GoodGym job well done!

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