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New to GoodGym, hoping to get involved early into 2021 despite Lockdown 3!


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Stuart M went on a community mission
Community mission

Soil. Hammertime.

Fri 14 May
Report written by York runner

6 GG Yorkies Sieved Some Soil

There's a lot of very clay-ey soil at Heworth Without. They've extracted tonnes of the stuff from installing a new outdoor gym and wanted us to sift the soft stuff from the clay to top up the level of the boggy field.

Nikki 'hit-it-with-a-hammer' Gover stuck with what she knew, attempting to mallet the clay through the sieve. She did see some success but Rich and Stuart quickly discovered that the double-person shake was the most efficient sieving method.

Meanwhile, Max was enjoying sieving out interesting items such as acorns and seeing who he could throw them at.

All the unsievable rejects were loaded into wheelbarrows and used to fill the tiny trench left by the installation digger. The clay was an excellent filler once it was stomped in, and excellent at filling our shoes too.

We finished up with a thorough testing of the new gym equipment!

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Stuart M signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Soil sieving

Fri 14 May 18:30 pm
Heworth Without Community Centre, Applecroft Road, York, YO31 0HG
Tidy up after recent outdoor gym equipment installation

We will be helping Roger from the Parish Council to break up more soil clods, get the soil sieved and transported to a low lying area of the playing field where it is to be raked into the grass as a top dressing. We worked out an 'efficient' way of breaking up the clods on our first visit and will continue with that.

Spades, hammers, plastic bags, rakes and wheelbarrows will be provided.

Please bring your gardening gloves.

Meet by the newly installed outdoor gym equipment. You have to go through the play area to get there.

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Stuart M completed a training run • Fulford Ings
Sat 24 Apr
Stuart M has cheered 10 times. Tue 20 Apr 2021

Stuart has helped keep other people motivated, Stuart has noticed what others have done and cheered 10 people. We doff our caps to you Stuart.

Stuart M went on a training session
Training session

Training run on Hob Moor

Mon 19 Apr
Report written by Michal Czekajlo

Sarah, Stuart and I came to the start location straight after the community mission at West Bank Park. Joined by Mitch, who was on a borrow waders mission earlier, we went straight to the warm up.

Legs, arms and the heart rate ready we started running. Exercise aside this was a great opportunity to chat about things GoodGym, cold showers, ramblers group, long distance running to name just a few. We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset and ran the entire perimeter of Hob Moor - that is just over 2.6km. Stuart wanted to skip the end of session stretch, as he had few more kilometers running ahead of him to get back home in Fulford. However I did not let him go and all four of us had a pleasure of touching the floor with both elbows amongst other movements to stretch after our run. Feeling refreshed everyone headed back home. Until the next time guys!

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Stuart M went on a community mission
Community mission

Pollinator 2: Mattock Day

Mon 19 Apr
Report written by Leanne Allsopp

8 GG Yorkies met in the park to commence part 2 of the great digventure.

Before we got to work, we welcomed Liz to her first task - give her a big cheer! 📣 The task itself was to continue digging roots out from a previously nettled verge of the picnic area to prepare it for some pollinating wild flowers.

There was some initial reluctance to use any of the many mattocks we'd been provided with and most opted for spades and forks. However, those brave enough to give them a try were soon mattock converts.

Where the previous group had opted for quantity over quality, this time we were encouraged to dig deeper to get as many of the roots (and butter knives) out of the ground as we could.

In the space of an hour, we made great progress and were ready to hand the land over to another group of GG Yorkies who are booked to finish the task later in the week.

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Stuart M signed up to a training session
Training session

Training run on Hob Moor

Mon 19 Apr 19:40 pm
Hob Moor Drive, York, YO24 4JU
Enhanced physical and mental wellbeing

Fun, social, run around the perimeter of Hob Moor. We will start with a warm up, then run one lap around the perimeter of Hob Moor, that is approx 2.5km and finish the session with a stretch. A second run session to do another lap will be starting at 20:15 and you are welcome to stay for that, but please sign up on the event page just so I know the number of people attending.

Meet on the grass, by the notice board past the entrance adjacent to 55 Hob Moor Drive.

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Stuart M has run a 10k for the first time. Sat 17 Apr 2021

Stuart has just run their first 10k. 10,000 metres would take you most of the way across London. It's far. Stuart now knows a bit of what it might be like to be Mo Farah.

Stuart M completed a training run • Kirkham Priory to Howsham Wood
Sat 17 Apr
Stuart M signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Digventure episode 2

Mon 19 Apr 18:15 pm
James Backhouse Place, York, YO24 2NS
Creation of a pollinator friendly area

Kristina asked us to come back and continue digging up the weeds and grass clumps around the picnic area to make space for wildflower seeds.

You may see a glimpse of red through the trees, as two other GG teams will be working in the park around that time.

Kristina will meet us by the tools shed at the James Backhouse Place gate.

Don’t forget your gardening gloves.

Please stay only with your group while at the task.

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