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Simone Keegan has has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Sat 6 Mar 2021

Simone completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Simone was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Simone Keegan went on a community mission
Community mission

Sun's out, spades out!

Sat 6 Mar
Report written by Sian Dobson Hughes

On Saturday 6th March, our GoodGym runners descended on Project Ravensgard - a supported living housing project - to help to tranform their overgrown grounds of a beautiful house into a safe haven for residents to enjoy over the spring and summer months.

They dug, they chopped and they shifted the earth to clear away the brambles and bushes and reveal a fantastic space that will soon become a BBQ, sensory and social area.

And all the spring sunshine!

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Community mission

Project Ravenscroft - sensory and socialising

Sat 6 Mar 10:30 am
Flat 10, Ravenscroft at St Lesmo Road, Edgeley, Stockport, SK3 0TX
Creating a safe outdoor space for tennants to relax

Stockport Together is a volunteer led community group working to bring organisations together to support the community off Stockport during the current pandemic.

Project Ravenscroft is the renovation of an old house which has been successfully converted to provide 10 supported living apartments.

They currently have no funding and are relying on volunteers to help to create a safe space for the tennants to relax and socialise in the warmer months by transforming their garden into a tidy place with sports, sensory and seating areas.

Our task will be to cut back the existing shrubbery (lots of upper body strength!) and create the space for the residents to use the area safely.

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Simone Keegan signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Can't see the wood for the leaves

Wed 4 Nov 14:30 pm
Woodbank Community Food Hub, Park Lane, Woodbank Park, SK1 4JS, Stockport, SK1 4JS

Please note that this community mission has been cancelled.

Supporting the Woodbank Community Food Hub to maintain their allotment area

Located just a mile east of Stockport town centre, Woodbank Memorial Park is home to Woodbank Community Food Hub – an urban horticulture hub co-ordinated by the Kindling Trust, that joins up inclusive community gardening with commercial organic food production.

Their allotment area is in need of a little TLC to help to maintain it for the community's use. We'll be clearing leaves, scraping the perimeter road and cutting back the foliage to allow for more growth.

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Simone Keegan went on a training session
Training session

We're not alone now.....

Wed 1 Apr
Report written by Kate Frain

For our first Zoom session we went all out and worked out 80s style with some of our GoodGym Trafford faves and some new faces from Stockport and Liverpool!

Great to see:

Hannah Jo Simone and Rob

And of course our old mucker John who we haven't seen for a while!

It was so lovely to see everyone and we chatted about what we had been doing to keep fit including running, HIIT sessions, cycling, walking and all manner of other things. Keep up the good work guys!

After that we did a funky warm up and burnt a load of calories working out to our shared 80s soundtrack blasting out. We conga-ed with Gloria, shimmied with Tiffany and smashed it to Eye of the Tiger!

that was brilliant fun and lovely to see you all!

Here's the team grooving to the Conga:


Once we had completed some more high octane workouts we did a hardcore abs circuit just to completely finish us off!

We closed with some new from Fi about her soon-to-be coach (that makes 6 in Trafford - yippee!) and how we can get involved both in missions for people in need and also Community Missions.

Fab fab fab to see you all! Thanks for coming and see you next time, lots of love

Kate xx

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Simone Keegan went on a group run
Group run

5k and L.S Lowry!

Tue 10 Mar
Report written by Lisa Hamilton

Tonight the crew met up and went for a 5km run around the town, we spotted so much, it was one of those lovely running nights, mid march, when your head has had enough of being cold, and you would rather be sat in front of the TV, curled up on the sofa under a blanket rather than out pounding the streets! But thats why Goodgym is a bit magic, we are a group of runners that enjoy meeting up, enjoy running and being kind...

Tonights run included running a 5km around the town, we spotted art deco buildings, L.S Lowrys inspirational stairs, the Plaza, the 1970s buildings that were used in the BBC drama 'a life on mars'. We found things each of us had never noticed.

After our run, we settled aback at the produce hall, to get woolly and creative and start some more crocheted blankets for the neo-natal unit at Stepping Hill, when we have had another crochet session and created more blankets we will be running up to the hospital in a few weeks time to drop them off.

Id like to say a massive thank you to tonights runners,you guys inspire me just as much at the scenes in Stockport inspired L.S.Lowry.

Have a wonderful week

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Simone Keegan has cheered 10 times. Wed 19 Feb 2020

Simone has helped keep other people motivated, Simone has noticed what others have done and cheered 10 people. We doff our caps to you Simone.

Simone Keegan went on a group run
Group run

Hail stones, leafletting but no moans!

Tue 18 Feb
Report written by Lisa Hamilton

So storm Dennis breezed through Stockport, I think many people feared him and stayed home this week, as well as it being half term, it was a quiet session for Goodgym Stockport.

Despite only 3 runners we still managed the entire task, which shows great things can come in small sizes and great things can be completed, always.

The task was to deliver leaflets promoting 2 wonderful social events happening in the Stockport area. A money maxiumising roadshow, along with multisports, craft, food and refreshments! whats not to love about this?? The event is to be held this Thursaday, the 20th Feb 1-3pm at Bridgehall community centre, Stockport SK3 8XL.

The event is a helpful roadshow sponsored by lots of wonderful charities, and organisations in the Stockport area that all have the same goal, to make Stockport a better place!

Some helpful advice, such as budget recipes, energy advice as well as a free sandwhich and hot drink!

Massive Thank you to Hannah and Simone who attended the task last night, thank you for working with energy of 300 people and getting all the leaflets posted, and posters put up, hopefully it will have a big impact.

Next week we are leafleting again, hopefully the storm will have passed by then......

Have a great week running folks,

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Simone Keegan has completed 10 good deeds with GoodGym. Tue 28 Jan 2020

Simone has done 10 good deeds. They are a trusted GoodGym runner and are now eligible to join their local TaskForce.

Simone Keegan went on a group run
Group run

Mini hats off to Stockport Goodgym

Tue 28 Jan
Report written by Lisa Hamilton

*Hats off to those that came along tonight! * They may have been small hats and blankets but a massive well done to you all for your effort! And the run wasn't small either, running just over 8.5km to get to our location and back.

We all met at the usual location of Produce Hall, setting off at 6.30pm. The evenings task was to run up to Stepping Hills neonatal unit to deliver 20 knitted hats and 2 crocheted blankets that we have worked hard to create over the winter months, the task itself came up one evening when at the last minute bad weather made a task impossible, so i had to come up with something fast, I'm pretty crafty and so thought we could have a go at knitting hats, Mmmm its wasn't easy! but we did have a good go, and then a few people carried it on and made some at home, the second time we did the task this time i thought that crocheting would be easier (it wasn't!) But again, the fabulous Goodgymers encouarged each other and kept trying! and eventually we had 2 blankets and more that are half made, so another session to both craft and create and to run to the hospital is going to happen.

The whole process of this task has been fantastic, watching people learn a new skill and help each other has been wonderful, and tonight we got to send our work to the neonatal unit at Stepping hill, which is a wonderful unit, providing care and love for babies and families at a much needed time, it has also been a talking point for many of us who have had personal experiences at the unit, ranging from being born premature, to spending time at the unit, to the likes of Debs who made it to the local paper when her son was born premature, its something thats had a big effect on the group.

Thank you all so much for being for being who you are, that was the last run for this month, and a great one to end on, Good luck to all those racing, park running and training this wk end, enjoy it, have a great week running,

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