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Sat 16 Oct
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GoodGym Sheffield's 5th Birthday! 🎂🎉

Mon 1 Nov 20:15 pm
Chakra Lounge , 5 Fitzalan Square , Sheffield, S1 2AY
Party time!

Post Group Run food and drinks to celebrate our birthday! Come along just for the party if you can't make the run.

Provisional plans : Chakra Lounge, Fitzalan Square. They can host 15-20 people. Prices wise, they can either do their normal menu, a 2 course meal for £12 or a 3 course for £15. We can also BYO for no extra corkage fee.

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Group run

Providing some lumbar support at Heeley City Farm

Mon 11 Oct
Report written by Tom Mutton

WHAT A TASK we had this week!

It had it all;

  • Sledgehammers
  • Logs
  • Lights
  • Hills
  • Goats
  • Cereal!

We met with the lovely Julie of Heeley City Farm (HCF) who let us into this gem of a place and through the site to the field we would be working in past all of the very cute goats.

HCF have had to have some trees on site felled and the larger logs needed splitting, bagging and shifting so that they can be dried and sold in the future to bring some income into the site which doesn't have any monetary support from the Council and needs to be self sustaining so this was a great way for us to help out.

We got straight to it, splitting.... into smaller teams:

  • Log splitters - 'I wanna be... your sledgehammer!'
  • Assistant log splitters - putting in the 'grenade' splitters into the logs to get them started
  • Log sorters
  • Log baggers
  • Log movers
  • Log shakers (ok, made this one up)
  • Goat petters

We certainly expended some energy and shed some timber on this task! It was great to be out in the night air, a great remedy to any splitting headaches...At times it was hard to see the wood from the trees, but in the end we were told we had made up 24 bags which was a great effort!

After finishing we made great use of the well lit traffic free hill outside for some hill reps in teams where we did 4 reps of:

40% 60% 80% 110% (as the Americans say)

We had a steady saunter back before stretching off and making birthday plans (see listings on website).

Until next time, happy running! :)

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Lumberjack work for Heeley City Farm (HCF)

Mon 11 Oct 18:30 pm
Showroom Cinema , 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX
We will be chopping logs to allow them to dry out. HCF will sell them and hopefully make some much needed income to go back into the site!

HCF have just had several large trees cut down due to disease, these have been logged but need splitting - HCF have invested in log splitters (so no sharp axes!) and some sledge hammers!

Once split, the logs can then be placed in sacks and wheel-barrowed to the log store, so lots of tasks to keep a big group busy! Lifting, rolling logs, log splitting, bagging up and barrowing.

Safety googles will be provided by Julie for those using the sledghammers and those nearby to ensure eyes are safe.

Please bring your own gloves.

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Group run

Cutting our node off to spite our face!

Mon 27 Sep
Report written by Tom Mutton

The nights sure are drawing in and despite lovely sunny eve's when we meet the light is short lived and it's getting to the stage when it is nearing dark when we arrive at our tasks. I actually really like this time of year, when you look back and you can see a long line of head torches dancing up and down and you get that feeling of 'bonus points' when your out running and helping the community in the dark when others are sat at home.

Anyways.... Good thing we've got the GG flood lights on hand to light up the areas we are working on. Thanks to all that have dusted them off from the backs of cupboards etc or even brought their own down, it really does make the eve tasks so much easier and safer, thanks again!

This week we were back to our old friend Parky Rob at Heeley People's Park (HPP) where they have had some comments about overgrowth on some of the pavements of Well Road...

Well, well, well, we can't have that can we. Enter GOOD GYM!

We got tooled up with loopers, saws, seceteurs and ton bags and got to it, cutting back as much as we could to make the pavements of Well Road look spic and span!

Talk within the group varied from the high brow pun generation (credit for the run title) and large stick sawing from James to the cultural impact of the Spice Girls on future generations from Cat, to the degredation of the stadardisation of the size of Twiglets from Ash. We are nothing but varied in our chats at GG!

We filled 3 of the massive ton bags and composted the cuttings before downing tools and heading back to the U-Mix center for some fun fitness, with a split set of upper and lower body exercises using the big steps to vary intensity and effort.

On return to The Showroom, we stretched off and made our orders which included some very impressive orders where Racheal 'risked it for the brisket' and shared some lovely fruity cake!

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Group run

Heeley People's Park - Pruning & cutting back hazel and other trees on well road

Mon 27 Sep 18:30 pm
Showroom Cinema , 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX
Helping to keep this community kept park looking tip top

We'll be meeting with Rob at the Playground to get briefed and tooled up before tackling the overgrown hazel and other foliage on Well Rd.

Please bring your own gloves and head torch and if you have a GG floodlight, please charge and bring with you, thanks!

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Group run

Getting Ship Shape, Ship Shape

Mon 20 Sep
Report written by Tom Mutton

On another beautiful sunny Sheffield afternoon we met outside The Showroom Cinema and got ready for the off. Our new friend Mohammed jumped in for the group photo before we headed off toward Ship Shape with James as our trusty back marker.

On arrival, unfortunately there wasn't anyone around to greet us and provide us with tools so we had to think on our feet. We did what we could with what we had and got litter picking and weeding what we were certain were weeds! Despite trying Regather down the road to see if there was anything we could do for them quickly it wasn't a goer so we did what we could at Ship Shape, had some excellent photos at the front door and then headed to the U-Mix center for an extended fitness session.

This weeks fitness session involved some paired work with one partner on the the planters doing step up's, step up's squat downs or box jumps, whilst the others did a lap of the area.

Next up we headed down to the climbing frame and again did a couple of paired rounds of dead arm hangs, knee lifts or leg lifts whilst partners did their choice of press ups, using the concrete steps to increase/decrease intensity.

Following a fantastic fitness session we headed home for stretching and refreshments at the Showroom. Hopefully we will be back at Ship Shape again in the future.

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Group run

Help us get Ship Shape! Tidying a local community centre!

Mon 20 Sep 18:30 pm
Showroom Cinema , 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX
We are hoping to start using the front beds to do food growing - support with making this area look tidy will not only make this easier, but will also be more aesthetically pleasing for those that use the centre regularly

We will be helping this fantastic community centre with litter picking at the front of the centre, and with tidying the 2 garden beds at the front of the centre as well.

Please bring gloves with you. Thanks

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Group run

Common Ground Community Garden Clear Up

Mon 23 Aug
Report written by Tom Mutton

So great to start to see some of the old GG faces coming back to group runs and numbers becoming more consistent, long may it continue. We gathered outside The Showroom and headed out to meet MARVELLOUS MARIA at Common Lane Community Garden.

On arrival Maria gave us a marvellous brief on the tasks that needing doing on the Community Garden site and around the Community Centre which included:

  • Weeding all around the centre and some of the beds
  • Repairing the compost heap with new (old) pallets
  • Litter picking around the site

We got straight to it, quickly splitting into groups and getting straight on task.

Becky & Lan got down to earth, weeding a corner bed.

Ash kept a level headed repairing the compost heap with Racheal and Abi.

Once time was upon us and we’d downed tools, we went from pallets to planks with a good three rounds of ‘plank and go’ where we paired up heel to heel in the plank position and took turns in our pairs to do sprint laps around the 9 ladies style stone circle before swapping with our partner.

We had a steady jog back with a small STARVA sprint section at the end for those that fancied a challenge and then stretched off before heading inside for some refreshments from The Showroom.

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