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Community mission
Waltham Forest

Cheney Row Park Tidy Up - help keep this public space nice!

Sun 30 Jan 10:00 am
Cheney Row Park, Waltham Forest, E17 5ED
Improve local area, meet new people and get some exercise outdoors

This is a volunteer morning organised by Friends of the Cheney Row Park. The jobs include litter picking, clippping back brambles and trees. The weather is looking fantastic - so if you can spare 30mins or more come along and help.

More information about the park can be found here:

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Ruby Daly went on a group run
Group run
Waltham Forest

Digging On A Prayer

Wed 19 Jan

What a session we had tonight! Lots of energy, banter and productivity! Whilst we had a couple of no-shows, we had some unexpected 'shows' so we ended up having a good group workout and had a very productive session at St Peter in the Forest churchyard!


It was great to welcome Michael to his first GoodGym session and what a start he had indeed, think this is our most productive goodgymmer!!!!

A warm welcome to Julius at his first Waltham Forest session (after having one session in Norwich before the you-know-what-happened). This was an epic first session with some serious strength display!

It was fantastic to see Charlie back after one year - looking forward to more sessions in 2022!



Well we were all very excited after our warm up, so we took off energetically and on reflection a little bit too fast, which we realized very soon and slowed down. Ray has joined us for the run to the church and led a walk&jog group of Rachel and Rosalind through his secret shortcut (the fact of which became clear once I ran back and didn't find them, but I knew Ray will get them there safely and on time:)).

Howling at the moon or howling with pain? What can we say - the almost full Woolf Moon has provided a fantastic guide for our run to the task so myself, Charlie and Ruby decided to howl at the moon (must be those good endorphines from running...). This, however, backfired as everyone ahead of us stopped and waited thinking we were shouting for them to stop or screaming out in pain face palm :)



  • A little bit about St Peter's in the Forest: St Peter's is a Church of England church but it's so much more than just that - it's a vital part of the Waltham Forest community providing space for forest school sessions, local history, biodiversity, heritage education and outdoor activities for families and people of all ages. The church and the community centre received National Lottery Heritage Fund and over 2020 underwent major restoration work which is why the church looks so great, however there's always a need to help in the churchyard!

  • Mean lean shoveling machine Michael! One of our major tasks was to re-descover an overgrown path amongst the graves, weed it, clean it and cover it with a weed suppressant and gravel. Step forward Michael - the man is clearly very talented with a shovel so in no time, there was a cleared path with borders discovered under all that growth and wet leaves!!! I promised that next gardening task Michael can take it easy and be a photographer - it's definitely deserved!:) Once we all admired Michael's work and oohed and aahed, Rachel and Charlie got the brushes out and gave those borders a good scrub and masterfully put down a weed suppressant - thankfully we had just enough to cover most of the path!. In the meantime Saj and Michael covered the path with the gravel. Look at this beauty:


  • The remembrance garden is finally DONE!!! Before Ray disappeared to work, he showed where the gravel bags are and Julius and Charlie grabbed the wheelbarrows and had a nice arm workout by bringing the rest of the bags from the opposite side of the churchyard and covering the rest of the path in the garden as well as for the new path.

  • Julius's is a real Caesar! Once the gravel bags were all transported we were talking about bringing the pallet back to the shed so a group of us went to carry it only to see this one-man band who just went and did it! Well done Julius!


  • Discovering a fallen down gravestone and clearing a lot of graves! Rosalind, Saj, Rachel, Rebecca and Ruby performed miracles with their trowels, spades and forks by clearing out the corner and ancient graves by the main path (and below our new one!) whilst wheelbarrowing weeds into one neat pile, which we hope we didn't leave in the wrong place! All the borders, outside and on top of graves were cleared, weeded and we discovered a nice border there as well. Epic effort this!

  • Frightening Father Alex! Usually there’s no one at the church at this time so it must’ve been quite a shock to suddenly hear and see lots of people coming into the churchyard, grabbing forks and spades and hectically working around graves!!! We can only apologise to Father Alex, who came out to say hello and was very curious and nice about it all! We reassured him that we were not digging up anything we shouldn't do:) What can we say, it was an eventful night:)



Once we ensured that all the tools were collected and safely put away into the shed and everything was tided up, we took a group photo (ok we took a few but only 2 turned out good:)) and made our way back in a leisurely fashion with a mix of jogging and walking. A few goodgymers were dropping off to make it back home so four of us made it to the base where we did a nice little stretch down to finish an energetic and productive session! Great to see everyone - well done for your energy and effort tonight!


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Group run
Waltham Forest

Weekly Group Session - meet at Greenleaf Rd at 6.30pm

Wed 19 Jan 18:30 pm
Greenleaf Road Baptist Church, 4 Greenleaf Road, Walthamstow, E17 6QQ
Strengthen minds, bodies and community

Where to meet? Greenleaf Rd Baptist church, entrance where carpark is.

What to bring? Be prepared for all weathers/temperatures and a head torch will be useful as the evenings are pretty dark now.

Task: TBC

As usual, you're encouraged to walk, run or cycle to the session!

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Ruby Daly went on a training session
Training session

YoGa tta start the new year well!

Tue 4 Jan
Report written by Paul Salman

A magnificent seven Goodgym Members joined online to do some yoga for the New Year.

I read this recently and thought it worth sharing..

Every year—this year right in front of you—can be the most important year of your life. The one where you become your best, most creative, most centered, most self-reliant , most selfless, and resilient self. But you have to be willing to step into difficulty. Because, like lifting weights, growth can’t happen without some resistance or… dealing with difficult people and situations or getting breathless when running … or like finding that edge between effort and relaxation in your yoga practice.

Keep moving and a..

Happy new year!

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Ruby Daly signed up to a training session
Training session

GG Online yoga with Paul Tuesday 9.55am

Tue 4 Jan 09:55 am
Not Known, ???, ???
strengthen, stretch and relax the body

Tuesday on line yoga session at 10am Join from 9.55am You can log on a few minutes before for a chat or ask some questions This is a simple beginners / intermediate online yoga session designed to both strengthen, stretch and relax the body. It will be an hour + long session, using some simple yoga poses both static and dynamic, and the focus will be on mindful breath and movement. Please wear loose clothes, you need a yoga mat (or similar) and may be a thin blanket for relaxation. Please let me know if you have any questions or if its your first time. I will email a link out on the day or on the Yoga whatsApp group. ( let me know if you what to go on the Whats App group.)

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Community mission
Waltham Forest

They were (Food) Banking on us!

Sat 4 Dec
Report written by Waltham Forest runner

What a great start to our weekends. 6 Goodgymers joined me at the Rukhsana Khan Foundation Foodbank this Saturday morning.

We had a visitor from Islington, Jenny who joined the packing team in the community centre, bagging up 80 carriers of cans. Helen made it after a late work shift, finishing in the early hours, and got to work transporting around 200 packed bags from the packing area to the car park for the delivery drivers to collect. Tony and Rebecca headed off in to the local area and dropped flyers in 7 streets around E17. And finally a big welcome to Sophia who carried out her first GoodGym activity today, she joined Ruby at Lloyd Park Market to spread the word to hundreds of passers by about the RKF Foodbank stall where instead of buying food visitors could donate to the Foodbank's Festive Food Fund ensuring they can deliver food hampers to those households in need in the week before the Xmas break. Oh and I sorted out so many cans of donated beans & soup in to crates that I'll be dreaming off them all week!

The Foodbank enjoyed getting to know our Goodgymers and vice verser I think everyone was eager to learn about how the RKF supports the community.

This task will run for the next two saturdays and we also will be setting up another task for the 24th Dec (more details to follow on that) so please sign up if you are keen!

Sign up for 11th Dec

Sign up for 18th Dec

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Ruby Daly went on a community mission
Community mission
Waltham Forest

Top tips for posting flyers

Wed 1 Dec
Report written by Ruby Daly

Picked up leaflets the day before and set off at midday hoping to get finished before the predicted rain. My top tips for posting flyers: No. 1 - wear gloves, some of those letter boxes haven't eaten for days. No. 2 - make sure you remember your headphones, you can get a lot of good listening done in that time. No. 3 - afterwards stretch as if you'd been for a 5k run, all that walking, bendind and reaching is a workout. No 4 - try to enjoy it (even though the pics tell a different story)!

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