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Rosie Sayers completed a training run • Morning Run
Tue 23 Nov
Rosie Sayers completed a training run • Evening Run
Wed 17 Nov
Rosie Sayers went on a group run
Group run

What the fox saw 🦊

Wed 17 Nov
Report written by Katie Carew-Robinson

2 milestones reached tonight...

Congratulations to Jen (200) and Sinéad (50)

We look forward to seeing the new tshirts being modeled soon!

Tonight we continued to continue the clearing of the green space at Miltoncross. It was lovely to see Harry and Laura back in the gang.

Litter picking, branch pruning, nettle clearing (they're persistent plants!), leaf clearing and loading up the compost heap were the jobs of the evening.

Jen wore the cape of good deeds and did many steps up and down the area brandishing branches. Sinead and Rachel also did many trips with bags and bags of leaves.

There was plenty of catch up time, topics discussed varied from injuries to pets (shaven or otherwise) to school life to working from home.

The time passed quickly and Jen gave us all a sugar high to get us home!

Next week, we're going to Wymering Manor, meeting at Hilsea Lido at 6. Sign up here to join in.

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Rosie Sayers completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Wed 17 Nov
Rosie Sayers completed a training run • Remembrance Day 5k (and a smidge)
Sun 14 Nov
Rosie Sayers signed up to a group run
Group run

Green space fun at Miltoncross

Wed 17 Nov 18:00 pm
Miltoncross Academy, Milton Road, Portsmouth, PO3 6RB
Continue to clear the green space

We are back as a full group to help continue to green space clearance.

There will be:

  • litter picking - with some weird and wonderful finds guaranteed

  • nettle clearing - with a prize if you avoid being stung!

  • hedge trimming

  • bramble wrestling

And the compost pile will be getting higher and higher!

Head torches recommended

Meet at the school (run/walk/cycle to get there - bikes can be brought into the site). We will do a fitness session on the playground after the digging/clearing - we will be well warmed up by then!

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Rosie Sayers signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Helping at the Festive Runs (shifts tbc)

Sun 19 Dec 07:00 am
Pyramid Centre , Clarence Esplanade , Portsmouth, PO5 3PG
Making sure runners are happy for Christmas!

Help needed around the start and at the finish.

Starting duties - getting the runners off at the right time & handing out last minute numbers for those who haven't picked them up already.

  • Ultra 50k – 8am

  • Marathon – 08.30am

  • Festive Half Marathon – 09.15am

  • Scrooge 10k – 10am

Finishing duties: Handing out medals, beers and goodies to the finishers, directing them around and away from the finish area. Clapping and cheering.

The exact shift timings will be confirmed nearer the date.

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Wed 10 Nov
Rosie Sayers went on a group run
Group run

Body Rolling

Wed 10 Nov
Report written by Katie Carew-Robinson

We had the biggest turn out in AGES today, oh yes we did! It was lovely to see everyone. Big Wednesday welcome to Charlotte who joined us for her 2nd good deed.

The run report title was inspired by Katie L who, as well as finding us this task, managed to use her body to paint the walls as well as a brush and roller. She didn't have anyone to warn her "it's behind you". Katie should also get an extra good deed as she took Tracey's dropped phone back to her after the task. Tracey needs her phone to get all her birthday messages tomorrow!

Our tasks tonight involved a lot of white paint.... To paint the toilets and lots of the scenery pieces. Some pieces needed staples and glue removing, as well as sanding before they got their coat of paint. There was also a mirror frame to paint gold so that Beauty can admire herself in it!

Judy and Tracey had a non painting task... Decorating the Christmas tree, it definitely is beginning to look like Christmas! Is it too early? On no it isn't, oh yes it is... I think it's 50/50 according to our group!

Lucy was determined that we should squeeze in a fitness session and although there weren't many who were enthusiastic, once we got started the FOMO kicked in and there was plenty of lunging, climbing of mountains and standing superheros!

If you'd like to go to see the panto and get involved with all the crazy traditions and audience participation, you can go from 2nd December to 2nd January. More info here

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Rosie Sayers completed a training run • Run to panto set painting
Wed 10 Nov
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