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Peter went on a group run
Group run

We're plogging it, plogging it, ploggin it, we're plogging it like that

Tue 14 Sep
Report written by Michael

Due to reasons beyond our control tonight's task had to cancel at the last minute, not to be stopped we decided to put on a plog of the park.

Nathan cycled down to provide us with plenty of litter picking bags, even though he wasn't joining us for the session (what a STAR) and whilst waiting we welcomed back Peter after a whole YEAR and to the FIRST ever session we welcomed Siki.

All gloved and bagged up we split into two group, one for the walkers and one for the runners and off we went. First, we made our way to the fields of Junior parkrun to see if they needed a tidy up, along the way hitting the rugby club car park and trying to figure out how you can lose your socks?

After 20 minutes it was spotless and time to move on, so we got together and ran ourselves over to the start of the Blackweir parkrun (I'm sensing a theme here). We found a dog or three along the way who seemed as though they wanted to join as our mascots, chatted to some locals about goodgym and what we do whilst also obviously cleaning the well-used pathways.

As we got close to the beginning there was just enough time to quickly hit the balance trail and test our skills, from rope bridges to springboards it was certainly a test and great fun.

A quick photo for the end and our evening was complete, thanks to everyone for helping to keep the park the beautiful place that we all need it to be.

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Peter signed up to a group run
Group run

The return to Tenovus

Tue 14 Sep 18:15 pm
Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9SW
Keep the charity shop looking good, and support the charity.

Tenovus Cancer Care is a Welsh cancer charity that supports cancer patients and their families, funds cancer research and works to raise awareness of how to prevent cancer.

We will be volunteering in the shop on Clifton Street, it's been a very long time since we were here last. There may be some painting involved but we will confirm this soon.

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Peter has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Wed 11 Mar 2020

Peter is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Peter went on a group run
Group run

Hedging our bets by wearing gloves whilst doing gardening, and we certainly a lopper fun in the process!

Tue 10 Mar
Report written by Benjamin Annear

A whopping 24 runners turned up to GoodGym this evening!

An amazing turnout of 24 runners showed up to GoodGym tonight - A fantastic number! A HUGE welcome to Katie, from GoodGym Barnett/Camden and MASSIVE welcome to Peter who was joining GoodGym for his FIRST EVER GoodGym run - We always love seeing new faces at GoodGym. Don't forget to bring your mates / family members... we want them all to come!

Ben, the trainer of GoodGym was very considerate of the current climate and so, instead of shaking everyone's hand when they arrived, he bumped their elbows, as advised by health experts! At the start of the run, Ben also reminded everyone of the current guidelines re: attending GoodGym activities. You can view the guidelines by clicking here. NB: As this is a rapidly changing situation, GoodGym are constantly monitoring this to ensure they are responsive to the latest advice.

Welsh Dave led a warm up that involved no physical contact! He was very mindful of the current climate. He had planned a warm-up that involved passing a ball over heads and between legs, however changed the plan in the final hour to minimise the risks of germs spreading. What a hero!


  • Mikey led a fantastic run on the weekend to help set up the international women's day banquet at the Wales Millennium Centre.
  • Nathan took part in a race over the weekend - Woopee! He is really loving his races.

Let's run to the task

After Welsh Dave got everyone warmed up, it was time to head to Grangemoor Park, the entrance to the park located by Ikea. Welsh Dave led the speedy group and Ben led more of a relaxed pace group. Despite the task being about 2 miles away, it wasn't long before we had all arrived with our high levels of enthusiasm ready for the task that lay before us.

*Welcome GoodGym! Tonight's task will involve cutting back the overgrown bushes and litterpicking *

Claire from Sustrans gave us a very warm welcome. Sustrans is a UK walking and cycling charity and custodian of the National Cycle Network. Its flagship project is the National Cycle Network, which has created 16,575 miles of signed cycle routes throughout the UK including 5,273 mi of traffic-free paths - Pretty cool eh!?!

Claire then armed the first group that arrived with litter picking tools and provided the second group that arrived with tools to cut back the overgrowth. Emma was in fierce combat with the thorny bushes that's for sure, and despite an anxious wait to see who would win, Emma was able to cut back the overgrowth and claim victory.

We spent a total of 30 minutes helping and after this time you could tell we had made a huge impact. The bushes were no longer encroaching onto the paths and the hedges, now free of litter, were looking GORGEOUS!

We had a LOVELY group photo with some of the other Sustrans volunteers.

Thank you so much GoodGym

Claire thanked us for our hard efforts. She then bid us farewell before we ran back to Big Moose. We then ran back, navigating the streets of Grangetown, turning left then turning right, it was quite a maze, actually!

Once we had arrived back at Big Moose it was time to warm down and reflect on the run. We did our stretches whilst discussing what we enjoyed about the run and what was coming up at GoodGym over the next few weeks.

After the run we headed for post run drinks and a chat (AKA. Drinkypoos).

2020 Tweet Off

Unfortunately Martin did not win the tweet off this week. Marie took this birthday present opportunity from him! Good luck for next week everyone. Let's see if someone else can get on the leaderboard.

  • MOH - 6
  • MJ - 4
  • Razzle Dazzle - 1

RunPunStiltskin award

This week Lowri came up with the Pun! A HUGE well done to you. Da Iawn!

  • BA - 5
  • MO- 1
  • IH - 1
  • EW - 2
  • AS - 3
  • MG - 1
  • GD -1
  • LD -1
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