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Community mission

Gardening Jobs & Litter Picking @ Kennington Park

Tue 15 Sep 18:30 pm
Kennington Park, London, SE11 4BE
PLUS Optional Fitness Session 💪

It's Keep Britain Tidy week!

We'll be helping out the lovely Friends of Kennington Park team with various gardening jobs and also whizzing round the park grabbing litter.

Post-session optional fitness - Probably some circuits in the park.

Meet by the garden - basically on the East side of the park, to the left of the sports courts.

See yah there 🤙

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Community mission

Hoe-ly moly

Thu 6 Aug
Report written by Nicky Woodall

11 brilliant GoodGymmers gathered on a VERY ☀️sunny☀️ evening, possibly slightly too warm for those who had impressively run or cycled there 👏🏼

Back at the home of GoodGym Lambeth (aka Papa's Park), we noticed the changes and were pleased to see that the playground has reopened and was being enjoyed by lots of local families.

Although the lovely Valcie wasn't able to join us, we got our instructions and got down to work.

There was hoeing, sweeping, weeding, litter-picking and bindweed-plucking (and we all know that no one gets rid of bindweed like GoodGym 💪🏼)

After just over an hour's hard work in the sun, we called it a day and gathered for a group photo by the rainbow mural and interesting COVID precautions sign 🌈 We spent some time pondering just quite how to sing the COVID hand-washing song to the tune of Happy Birthday and believe we may have cracked it 😁

And that was that. Thank you everyone, Valcie was really pleased with the difference after seeing the photos. And hopefully we'll be back for some more Papa's action soon 🤞🏼

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Community mission

Sorting out Papa's Cafe after the refurb!

Thu 6 Aug 18:00 pm
Papa's Park, Pulross Street, London, SW9 8AF
And a spot of weeding.

Papa's Park's Cafe is a pillar of the local community and has long been our home in Brixton.

Valcie (who runs the cafe) has asked for our help with doing a load of weeding around the cafe and play park. And there's been a refurb of the cafe so it'd be great if we could get some GG muscle to move some bits around and tidy it up.

Please bring a mask and gardening gloves! 🧤🤿

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Socially-Distanced Social

Tue 25 Aug 19:00 pm
Brockwell Park, London, SE24 0PA
An end of the Summer hang with the lovely Lambeth gang!

We've had a couple of stellar quiz nights, a phenomenal virtual Olympics and a 48-hour relay but the time has now come for a face to face social (if you fancy it), mostly to celebrate (and mourn) the departure of one of Lambeth's finest power couples. Taskforce extraordinaire & all-round superwoman Nicky and champion sock-thrower Phil are leaving for pastures new 😢

So BYOB and something to sit on and we'll have a socially distanced gathering in Brockwell Park to celebrate all the good(gym) times. Here's some coordinates for where to sit specifically - basically up the hill from the Lido.


  • Keep an eye out on this listing/the facebook group - if the weather sucks, we'll probably rearrange.

  • The strict gov cap of 30 means you need to sign up on this page please.

  • New to GG Lambeth? Please come along - It'd be nice to get to know you in a non-task setting!

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Training session

A BrewTeaFul day

Sat 25 Apr
Report written by Aron Fulton

On Saturday 24 GoodGymers from 3 different areas got together to run a virtual 5k relay, with the baton bassing in real-time via the magic of the internet.

It was an amazing day, that really captured the spirit of GoodGym, and it was a great way to feel more connected to each other (when in some cases we're hundereds of miles away and had never even met!

There were some excellent batons, some brilliantly choreographed handovers, and lots of fun was had by everyone involved.

The winner of best baton has to be Rob, for his kettle, and an incredible bit of filming. Check it out below.

I have big plans for a follow-up 48 hour relay (so if that sounds like you're kind of thing you can sign up here.

Here's the twitter thread of the whole event, so you see how we got on.

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Group run

Party In My Plants

Tue 3 Mar
Report written by Mark Gilyead

First up, big up totally fresh to GG; Josie, Andrew and Erica - thanks for coming along :)

Tonight GG Lambeth ran to Jubilee Primary School to smash through a massive task.

We had a couple of run options - Direct 2k with me or a little 5k loop with the burgundy boys (Alfie & Steve).

Then we arrived at Jubilee Primary ready to crack on:

1️⃣ Pulling out weeds - not the bulbs, the fake parsley or the tulips 💐 - just the weeds 🌱

2️⃣ Moving the big bags of soil and emptying them into the planter. 👜

3️⃣ Planting some lovely shrubs into the planter 🌳

Things we learnt:

1️⃣ There's a children's book called "Dogger"

2️⃣ Heads, ELBOWS, Knees and Toes is a great song to remind us how to run up hills (and it rhymes better than the original).

3️⃣I need to get another set of keys cut.

All tasks and knowledge learning was done extra efficiently, and what would have taken Juan hours on his own was done in 30 minutes by team Lambeth. ✊

GoodGym Lambeth, I love your work.

Hopefully see you next week for moving out a load of furniture from Brixton Road Youth Centre!

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Group run

Wood you rather?

Tue 11 Feb
Report written by Mark Gilyead

Despite a last minute cancellation, we had TWO tasks on offer.

Nicky lead the run to option one: ☝️

Our group of excellent group of GoodGymmers braved the cold to run to the beloved Remakery. After a quick introduction to the brilliant work they do there, reusing and upcycling materials into furniture/sculptures etc, our first challenge was to divide into three groups - one large, one medium, one small.

Two groups were sweeping and hoovering the woodwork workshops. Armed with a Henry Hoover and very attractive face masks, they quickly made a huge difference. The other group were moving large piles of wooden planks and sorting them into small, medium and large. They quickly got a system in place and GoodGym efficiency won again. On our way back to base, we did a quick meet and retreat fitness round Myatts Fields park. And then it was time to head home and warm up.

Good work everyone! - Nicky

The rest of us headed had a longer run to flyer for Brixton People’s Kitchen, actually nearer Vauxhall...

By day, it’s a cafe serving good value grub to locals. By night, it provides cooking workshops using food from supermarkets that would otherwise go to waste!

We split into 3 groups to cover 3 separate areas in the immediate vicinity. Unfortunately we couldn't get into the upper flat block levels... but hopefully those on the ground floor will spread the word to their neighbours! After a solid 20 minutes avoiding finger-biting dogs, we took a few beautiful posed photos and headed back.

Oh and there was even a lovely lit up heart. GoodGym's theme for the month is #GiveItHeart so that was nice :)

Cracking running guys!

And nice one Clem and Michael for joining us for your first ever GG run! 💥

See y'all next week for another two tasks: Clearing out furniture at Brixton Rd Youth Centre and pulling up the rest of the ivy at the YELLOW QUBE. Also, it's pub week! 🍻 🍻 🍻

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Paul Fawcett went on a group run
Group run

Weed don't need no vegetation

Tue 28 Jan
Report written by Mark Gilyead

Lambeth brought it's A-game tonight with not one but TWO tasks completed.

We first up congratulated looooads people on fantastic Januarys, smashing the GG milestones. Massive shoutout to Nicky for picking this run as her two hundredth good deed.

And topping the GG Lambeth heroes wall for January and rightfully receiving this month's SPOTM, the untouchable Francis Collier-Wright. Some A-grade hand cream, biscuits, sports bar and even a champions plaque, which I'm sure will go atop her mantlepiece.

We also welcomed some new runners to the gang. Tom, Jamie and Martin, you are so welcome!

We then had a super quick warm up, split into two groups and got going.

Nicky lead most of the group, truly earning that 200th deed. Here's what she had to say:

A brilliant team of GoodGymmers headed up the hill to a brand new task at the Yellow Qube. We met Mel and had a brief interlude in the warmth whilst she told us about this brilliant community space and what they needed us to do tonight. Our task was to clear up the space below the walkway. Our first hurdle was a literal one - jumping the fence. Everyone managed this with aplomb and displayed a variety of styles/techniques and different degrees of gracefulness. Once over the fence, we got to work clearing up rubbish and pesky ivy. Mel was very happy and after a quick group snap, we headed back down the hill for some stretching at base camp (aka Papa's).


The rest of us hung around at Papa's to do a bunch of jobs around the cafe. First up, we needed some warming up. Obviously a game of tag was just what the doctor ordered. Then we got cracking:

🎨Painting a wall white, to brighten it up, after spending about 10 minutes trying to open up the paint...

🔩Removing the weird notice boards - hunting down the screws and trying not to pull down the fence...

🌱Pulling up the weeds/knowing which ones are the weeds...

We threw in a few some chilled circuits to warm up halfway through and were even treated to hot chocolate and marshmellows from Valcie from PAPA's cafe.


Nice one everyone! Next week we're back at Jubilee Primary School - sign up here!

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Paul Fawcett went on a group run
Group run

Twen-tree Twen-tree

Tue 7 Jan
Report written by Mark Gilyead

51 absolute heroes were out last night to start the year with a bang 💥

And some of those heroes were totally fresh to GoodGym! Massive cheer to Molly, Lawrence, Charlotte, Lara, Clare, Kirsty, Campbell, Jasmine, Faris, Mitch and Jessica. So great to have you along :)

Our task was simple - give Lambeth council a hand by picking up some of the trees from the roadside (they don’t have enough space for all of them in their van when they pick them up) so that they’re not clogging up the streets - and take them to the TREE-CYCLING (😅) plant in Clapham Common.

And after a quick warm up, we split into 5 fabulous teams heading to different areas to pick up as many trees as we could.

After worrying that we wouldn’t find any, we were blessed with absolutely loads - some on the pavements, some hiding behind bins, some small, some massive and some so dead they must've spent their Christmas getting intimate with a radiator.

Trees in hands, we all descended on the centre of Clapham Common like some sort of weird tree cult. Each tree was ceremoniously thrown on top of a big pile and then we ran back to base with plenty of bonus FITNESS DRILLS thrown in.


Amazing stuff everyone and such bravery shown when awkwardly carrying trees through some very crowded areas...

Next week is Lambeth’s 6th Birthday!! To celebrate we’re going to Jubilee Primary School to do some GOOD. Then we’re going to the pub to eat cake. 🙌 Sign up here.

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Paul Fawcett went on a group run
Group run

GoodGym Wenceslas

Tue 17 Dec
Report written by Nicky Woodall

32 brilliant GoodGymmers arrived for our final GoodGym Lambeth group run of the decade!

We started by welcoming some lovely new runners - Lois, Katy, Jack, Sukhi and Ash.

We heard about what's coming up in the world of GoodGym (and beyond):

After a quick warm-up led by George, we split into two groups:

George and Alfie led a group to Jubilee Primary School to help them with a project to connect the children with nature. Here's what leader George had to say:

"Well, we moved quite a few bags of garden waste from the garden to the car park, and a significant quantity of stone from the car park into a wooded glade (and build the worst dry stone wall). There was lots of wheelbarrow action, and a fair amount of standing around contemplating how to move a massive boulder."


The rest of us went to Charleston House, a supported accommodation complex in Clapham. We'd been warned that a lot of the residents had gone out for the evening but fortunately, there were still four lovely gentlemen there who were very up for board games and chat. We split again so that half the group did some (actually quite intense, sorry/not sorry everyone...) festive fitness (aka The 12 squats of Christmas) while the other half chatted to the residents. Popular subjects included favourite types of champagne and what's on TV. And then we swapped so everyone got some good and some gym.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the base for some final stretches and then to the pub for the GoodGym Lambeth Christmas Social. We enjoyed an epic quiz courtesy of Steve and George, complete with a tad of controversy (what actually is the most common tree in London?!). We were then graced with a poem by our gracious leader Mark, with an added impersonation by Steve that was just sadly missing the hat.

No GG Lambeth Christmas Party would be complete without SPOTY (S*** Prize of the Year). This year, four excellent GoodGymmers were rewarded for their efforts to both the good and the gym:

  • Sam has run a brilliant 1427.90km this year (over 100k every single month), as well as doing 60 good deeds this year and maintaining a 33-month group run streak.
  • Michael has run an incredible 2434.64km this year (over 200k each month!), including running his first marathon in Liverpool in May and also racking up a 33-month group run streak (coincidence?!), bringing his total number of good deeds to 113!
  • Charlotte has done a fantastic 69 good deeds this year, keeping her streaks at 13 months for both group runs and missions. She's also started coach running this year and is already on an 8-month coach running streak.
  • Tim has done an epic 74 good deeds in 2019, maintaining a 15-month mission streak and a 30-month group run streak. He also draws the most incredible cartoons that are greatly enjoyed across the GoodGym community. What a talented chap.

SUPERB STUFF TEAM LAMBETH. What a year it's been - from being crowned GoodGym Olympic champions to welcoming a new trainer and many new additions to task force and GoodGym Lambeth to the huge amount of good we all do across Lambeth every week. I'll leave you with Mark's poem to summarise, and to say

See you next decade. Oh, and Merry Christmas!!!

As we come to the end of 2019,

Feel the bond we've shared as a unified team,

So many new faces and people of old,

Coming together within a shared goal.

From Liverpool and racing some bloody big horses,

To Katie departing and tasty kebab courses,

For every deed done and Olympics won,

Lambeth, I love you. Merry Christmas, have fun.

(Gilyead, 2019)

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