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Mon 30 Aug
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Mon 30 Aug
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Mon 30 Aug
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We're all rooting for you!

Mon 30 Aug
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

Area Activator Simon was joined by two Goodgym legends (John and Patrick) for a quirky gardening project outside a care home off Mildmay Grove. Our challenge was to clear a full planter full of bushes, plants and all trees, to allow the space to be re-purposed as a vegetable plot for the residents.

Simon got the ball rolling at 10am, and clipped away at a lot of the bushes, and made some headway with pulling weeds and unnecessary plants from the bay. John and Patrick then took over, while also pruning the bushes that surrounded a hidden bench, allowing the seat to be used again! Simon then moved about 18 bags of compost from the car park drop off point, and over to the growing bay, using a tea trolley to help with the transit!

Our toughest task involved shifting some very stubborn roots from the planter, heavily bedded in the soil. The three of us teased them out, using spades, forks and clippers to loosen their grip. Eventually, we felt a significant shift in movement, and we ripped a monster stump from the ground! Super satisfying work!

Last job was to then lay out the new compost in the planter, spreading it evenly to allow the residents to start growing new plants and vegetables immediately.

Wonderful work everyone! Cracking job!

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Community mission

Grow your own in a care setting

Mon 30 Aug 10:00 am
20-26 Mildmay Park, Islington, London, N1 4PH
The makeover of the raised bed will encourage older residents to nurture and water the vegetable and plants giving a sense of ownership and pride

A raised bed has become over grown with shrubs and plants, these needs to be cleared and dug out. Then bags of soil added to raise soil level and build back nutrients, preparing the bed for planting out winter growing vegetables and plants

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Sat 28 Aug
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Thu 26 Aug
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Thu 26 Aug
Sun 22 Aug
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