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Thu 30 Jun
Tue 28 Jun
Nick Moore went on a mission

Close Encounter...

Tue 28 Jun
Report written by Nick Moore

Not for the first time this was a mission where the reality of the task didn't quite match the expectations I'd initially made based on the mission description - I should've have learned by now not to have too many preconceived ideas for these types of tasks.

The cupboard in question was of the built in full length hallway variety that would normally house coats, umbrellas and shoes - but when I pushed the door slightly ajar (which was initially as far as it would go), it was clear it was jam packed with bags and boxes and so preventing Ms Z from being able to fully open it. She needed these all removed so that she could have full access to this cupboard once again.

Worryingly Ms Z did keep mentioning that most of the bags contained food (from food banks apparently accumulated during lockdown), and it was clear that mice (or mices (pl.)) had discovered this food store, as the floor, when I eventually got to see it, had enough rice on it to feed a small family (of humans, not mice...) and a lot of the bags had been chewed through.

By now I was keeping a sharp lookout for any wee beasties (or shaking plastic bags), as I found it hard to believe they would have left this plentiful live-in buffet to find an alternative restaurant...and so it proved.

After much shifting and lifting, including having to shut myself in the cupboard a few times to manoeuvre boxes around to get them out, I'd emptied the cupboard, given the floor a good sweep and wipedown with some anti-bac and then had to work out how to get to Ms Z's front door via the now cluttered hallway to take what she didn't want to the communal bin store.

Our final act was to lay down a "Rat Glue Pit" (aka a sticky sheet) in the cupboard in the hope of capturing whatever has been enjoying Ms Z's generous hospitality these past few months...we were clearly both hoping with the cupboard empty and the buffet cleared away, these wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beasties would now find an alternative takeaway...

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Sat 25 Jun
Nick Moore completed a training run • Peckham Rye Parkrun🏃🏻‍♂️
Sat 25 Jun
Nick Moore completed a ride • Morning Ride to Peckham
Sat 25 Jun
Tue 28 Jun
Nick Moore went on a mission

When the list gives you Lemons...

Thu 23 Jun
Report written by Nick Moore

I had a fruit machine moment today as Ms L ran through her ever so healthy shopping list at the doorstep - Oranges, Cherries, Lemons...all she needed to ask for was a Gold Bar and a Bell and we'd have hit the jackpot.

As it was Carrots and Avocado took their place, and Ms L's jumbo payout was the 700g box of Rice Krispies which was the only size available on the shelves today...that's inflation for you.

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Nick Moore completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Wed 22 Jun
Nick Moore completed a walk • Morning Walk
Wed 22 Jun
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