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Group run

From Trash to Splash

Mon 11 Jul
Report written by Lucy J

It was a warm one in Sheffield! What better way to get your Monday started than a GoodGym Group Run?

A group of hardy folk made it to the Showroom tonight to go and help out our friends at Sustrans. We regularly help out Sustrans keeping cycle routes clear and safe for everyone. This time we were headed to a section of the Sheaf Valley walk off Queens Road.

Main heads-up is don't get too close to the river bank - it's a long way down! - Simon (Sustrans)

We took a circuitous route to get some distance in and arrived already hot! Simon was fully prepared as usual and we got to work lopping overhanging plants, litterpicking and clearing the way for cyclists and walkers. After a good 45 minutes we'd got together 5 bags of litter and 4 bags of green waste for the council to collect. Alas there were 3 trolleys and a ladder tantalisingly out of reach!

After making a fuss of Simon's very cool new bike trailer (with holes in it for brooms and everything) that was specially made for him, we snapped some photos and made our way to the Peace Gardens. What's at the Peace Gardens you ask? Sally Squats! But there's a reward - splash around in the fountains afterwards. As you can see from the photos, a few of us had a LOT of fun!

****Goodgyming happening this week On Friday evening there's a community mission to clear the area infront of the library at Newfield green. On Saturday there's a community mission to Abbeyfield Park.

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SUSTRANS: Keeping the NCN spic and span

Mon 11 Jul 18:30 pm
Showroom Cinema , 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX
Creating a better environment for Active Travel

We will be helping out our good friend Simon Geller; Volunteer Co-ordinator for Sustrans in Sheffield. Simon does a fantastic job co-ordinating volunteers to help upkeep the National Cycle Network (NCN) in and around the city.

We'll be headed to Sheaf Valley Walk between Granville Square and Glover Road.

We will be help helping out with the huge task of making sure the network is safe to use for all who want to use it for active travel. Expect the following tasks:

  • Leaf cleaning
  • Litter picking
  • Cutting back
  • Weeding

Please, please, please in the darker evening bring your own head torch and if you have one, a floodlight as it makes the tasks so much more efficient. In addition, please bring your own gloves so we can get straight to work in an efficient and safe way. Thanks!

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Group run

I can see clearly now the litter has gone

Mon 6 Sep
Report written by Lucy J

13 runners ran 2km to clear the cycle path for Sustrans

A bundle of GoodGym runners gathered at the Showroom Cinema last night to enjoy the last of the summer sun and do some good for our friends at Sustrans.

An easy 1km down to the Old Durham Ox pub where we met Craig who was ready and waiting with tools galore. The task? To litter pick and clear the cycle path in that area to make it safer and easier to use. Sustrans is a charity GoodGym Sheffield works with a lot, with the mission to make it easier for people to walk and cycle all over the country. More movement and less cars is better for the planet and better for our health so it's a win win!

Three groups set to work litter picking, lopping and digging back. We ended up with 9 bags of rubbish cleared and Craig was delighted with the difference. According to Craig, last time that area was cleared a lot of needles were found but this time there were none. Hopefully, this means that they're now being properly disposed of either by a cleaning crew or by users, so that's progress!

40 minutes later, with the path looking much more inviting, we gathered for a photo and after many attempts trying to use the 'wide selfie' function on my new phone (massive fail) we thanked Craig and headed off to the Park Hill flats...

... for some hill sprints! Team GoodGym had six minutes to complete as many hill sprints as possible, with squat jumps and balancing thrown in for good measure. We headed back under pink skies for a cool down and stretch at the Showroom.

Keen for more GoodGym? There's a group session happening at Parkwood Forest Garden on Saturday morning 09.55 - 12.30. There are only four places left so sign up to see and work in this beautiful space.

Thanks for a great run! Hope to see you soon :)

Keep running happy,

Lucy J

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Vegetation Management and Litterpicking on the National Cycling Network

Mon 6 Sep 18:30 pm
Showroom Cinema , 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX
Creating a better environment for Active Travel

We will be heading to The Durham Ox pub (closed unfortunately) to help SUSTRANS SIMON with the vegetation management and general sprucing up of the network around this area.

Please bring gloves with you. Thanks

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