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Abney Park Cemetery!!!!!

Wed 21 Oct 18:30 pm
Abney Park Cemetery, South Lodge, Stoke Newington High St, London, N16 0LH
Helping a historic site prepare for Winter

After months and months of Abney Absence we are back!!!

Great to finally have the sign off from Hackney Paris to be able to get back to helping them in some of our favourite locations, and no location better than Abney Park Cemetery to get the party started again!!

To help prepare the park for Winter we are on the mulch shovel, shift and tip efforts!!

A great way to work in small teams and have a massive impact on the park Helping to allow all year around park use and protect this historic site!

Working in pods of up to 6 we will meet at the gates front gates on Stoke Newington High Street where we will grab the tools before heading off to the mulch piles to get digging, wheelbarrowing and tipping!!

Would love you to sign up and come along notice that places are limited so please come along if you sign up.


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