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Llion Wigley completed a training run • Si's birthday, trip to Northside
Fri 28 Jan
Llion Wigley completed a training run • Strava malfunction panic!
Thu 27 Jan
Llion Wigley completed a training run • Licorice Pizza cinema outing
Wed 26 Jan
Llion Wigley has run 100 good deeds with GoodGym. Tue 25 Jan 2022

Llion has just reached another level: 100 good deeds with GoodGym. That's at least 100 times when they could have easily done something easier. But they didn't, Llion has kept going and going. Helping a lot of other people and getting a bit fitter at the same time. Congratulations Llion.

Llion Wigley went on a group run
Group run

Kermit the PLOG

Tue 25 Jan
Report written by Michael

It is our LAST group activity of the month, for some the end of the January Challenge but not the end of the Llion. No, it was the 100th deed for Llion and time to enjoy the celebration

We met as usual outside the Sport Wales National Centre in Sophia Gardens at 18:30, we were going in two groups - the walk / joggers and the runners. However, as a one off and to keep everyone active we warmed up with a 1-mile jog for all.

After this we split into our two groups and made our ways up different sides of the road of Western Avenue, plogging as we went. It was a busy road and there was plenty to pick up as we proudly displayed our goodgym colours.

After a couple of km of plogging we popped our bags at a bin and took a quick photo, and then we were led of a magic mystery run. We were certainly getting in the run tonight in our group, as the walkers continued to plog their side of the road. We don't usually get to run on this side of Cardiff, so Michael was determined to make the most of it and get goodgym seen as much as possible.

We got together again, bags a ready......and PLOG on.

A lap of a park, the gabalfa interchange and we crossed sides over to the run back down the walkers side of the road. We dropped our bags, one last time, a total of 10 bags of rubbish from the surrounding areas of North (ish) Cardiff.

A good run back for our final group photo and a stretch out after a nice run tonight - 7.5 km for the runners.

Join us on Sunday for our final Junior Parkrun or at Oasis for the Big Birdwatch before we take a break (from junior parkrun) for a couple of weeks after the manic January Challenge.

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Llion Wigley completed a training run • Good Gym three pinter
Tue 25 Jan
Llion Wigley completed a training run • Rownd y parciau amser cinio
Tue 25 Jan
Llion Wigley completed a training run • Kick out the jams
Mon 24 Jan
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Group run

Plog On January Challenge.....plog on

Tue 25 Jan 18:30 pm
Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9SW
Tidy up the streets of our favourite City

Our final group activity for the January Challenge, let's get as many as we can to make up the deeds for the league table.

We will split into groups as usual, the walkers to hit the streets litter picking - just leave me a message either in this page or via whatsapp, so that I know how many pickers I need to bring.

Second group will be the ploggers, hitting the mean streets for a good ol' run whilst doing the goodness of picking up litter - PLOGGING.

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January Success

Fri 4 Feb 18:00 pm
All Over, Cardiff & Vale, CF#####
The End of January Challenge = Cardiff WIN

After a hard January Challenge, RED January and whatever other challenge you have taken on - we celebrate a Cardiff WIN.

No Matter what, we are winners, we are all winners.

So a goodgym celebration will be had, February 04th 6pm at the Pear Tree for starters, followed by 7pm at StickyFingers.

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