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Keith Baker went on a group run
Group run

Barrows of Laughs

Wed 6 Oct
Report written by Manuel Laurijssen

Yesterday evening 6 of us met up to help out Grounded Community with a bit of wheelbarrowing and sorting.

For Keith and Lea it was their first taste of helping out this charity and so they weren't sure where Secret Garden 2 was and without having been there before, it's very secret indeed.

Janet timed her arrival to perfection, as she helped Michael bring the big wheelbarrow over from SG 1 in the van.

We started by tidying up the area a little. Sorting out the junk from what may still prove useful. Wood to one area, bottles to another and sorting through crates and plant pots.

Then when the wheelbarrows arrived we started on the main task of filling the barrows and wheeling them to Secret Garden 1 a couple of roads over.

What a core workout that turned out to be! Daryl and Janet were part of the inaugural trip and used their knowledge to guide us through the subsequent ones.

We were using the compost from the bins that we had built up over a year ago and it was great to see that the soil was in great shape and ready to be used for planting at the original plot.

After an hour we had almost filled the other soil bay and the job was complete.

With the darkness creeping in we said our goodbyes and split off in different directions hoping to meet again next week!

Well done everyone!

Special thanks to Janet for coming up with the report title TWO weeks in a row!! Hannah, Daryl and Janet for helping to snap the best shots possible.

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Keith Baker signed up to a group run
Group run

Wheelbarrow Racing

Wed 6 Oct 18:00 pm
20-22 St Clement’s Garden, Bourbemouth, BH1 4HB
Help Grounded community with their secret garden tidy up

There’s lots to do and with a break in the weather expected for Wednesday evening, we’re heading over to help out Michael at their Secret garden #2.

We’re meeting at King’s Park Pavilion for a group run and cycle of around 3km. We can add another run on after if we get the tasks done early.

Or if you’re not able run or cycle you can walk to the task and meet us at Secret Garden 2.

20-22 St Clement’s Gardens. BH1 4HB

Please bring some gloves, we’re most likely be doing some wheel barrowing and tidying up of the area.

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Keith Baker signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Quiz postponed, outdoor jobs instead!

Wed 14 Jul 18:30 pm
Flirt Cafe, 21 The Triangle, Bournemouth, BH2 5RG
Help the care home with upkeep of their outside area to make it safe for residents to use

We've had to postpone our quiz night unfortunately until the following month.

Instead Mark and Nicky would like us to come down and do a host of outdoor jobs, from watering plants with hoses, to clearing walkways and sanding down benches.

The residents outside area is so important to them that we'd be making a huge difference to them. Please bring some gloves.

We meet at the care home for 6:30, however, those of you up for a short jog or cycle there, we will meet outside Flirt Cafe in the Triangle at 6:15pm.

We will be meeting for a drink after too!

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Keith Baker signed up to a community mission
Community mission

CANCELED!!!! Painting Fences at St Michael's Primary

Thu 17 Jun 18:00 pm
Somerville Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5LH
Help finish what we started last time


Anthony and Rachel at St Michael's Primary school would like us to come back and apply the second coat of the fence in their pre-school area.

You don't have to be a painting pro to sign up!

This time we'll know to stir the paint pots properly before starting!

Please don't wear your favourite clothes as they WILL get paint on them... We'll meet at the Somerville road entrance to the school at 6pm and get as much done as possible in an hour. Rachel has lots of paint brushes for us to use so you shouldn't neet to bring anything along other than your fantastic personality!

Bonus for cycling or running there!

If lots of us sign up, we'll have a gardening group too!

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Keith Baker went on a community mission
Community mission

Weed(ing) Party

Tue 8 Jun
Report written by Manuel Laurijssen

With the hot evening sun on our backs we got together in the Oak visitor car park ready to walk into our weeding challenge for the evening. Before that we welcomed a new face to the GoodGym family in Ben. Please give him a cheer and follow! What a great addition Ben is going to be!

A guided walk through the school grounds brought us to the sports field and the location of where the weeding party would take place.

A planting area outside the gym was snapped up by Lea, Daryl and Neil. This was to be the place where the wildflowers would be sowed. In hope that it would bring a bit of colour to the area.

Ben, Keith, Sean, Hannah, my colleague Ollie and his partner Claudia headed over to the massive sand pit to tackle all the weeds somehow finding enough nutrients in the sand.

We improvised wheelbarrows by using old, super stylish pink curtains from my house. Loading them up and then slinging them into the underbrush for them to have their weed party in the bushes last night. Finally back together again after dispersing in the sand. Who knew weeds could socially distance better than many humans!?!?

The wildflower group dug up a few boulders and metal rods, no dangerous utensils thank goodness.

The sandpit gang finished with a whole lot of sand in hard to reach places...but we all left feeling a sense of achievement and with a better tan too.

Thank you so much for all your help in making a place I see everyday, that much more inviting. And I'll walk by each area and remember your visit with gratitude!

Another task next week Thursday....and we'll be painting so please check the website!!

Lea and Keith I hope your backs aren't too sore for your double day volunteering marathon on Brownsea!!

Good luck to Daryl this weekend who is going through sweeper training at the Crafty Fox Half on Sunday, and Nicola, John, Karen and Charlotte who will be hoping they don't get swept up!!

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Keith Baker signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Gardening at LeAF Studio School

Tue 8 Jun 17:15 pm
LeAF Studio School, Oak Academy Car Park, Duck Lane, Bournemouth, BH11 9JJ
It will help the school keep on top of weeds and overgrowth

I work at LeAF studio school, which is a sports specialist school. Part of their grounds have a huge sandpit on it that was used during the Olympics for the Beach Volleyball events.

We've cleared a lot of the weeds on it, but they are slowly coming back, so we need to do some clearing. Along with that we will be clearing some other areas and planting wildflower seeds to add a bit more life and colour to the area.

If you have any gloves AND gardening tools you could bring along that would be amazing. Forks in particular as well as metal rakes too.

We will meet in the Oak Academy car park which will be open. As you come through the gates, turn right into the visitors section of the car park. From there we will walk through together.

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Keith Baker went on a community mission
Community mission

Sitting on the fence

Thu 27 May
Report written by Manuel Laurijssen

Six of us got together at our old gardening spot in BH2. St Michael’s school was our destination and this time we were going to do some painting in their pre-school area.

Rachel and Anthony met us outside and showed us where we were needed.

Their pre-school fence was a blend of orange and Rachel had started to paint it a more peaceful sage colour.

Oh man, we LOVE painting so much. And it was the perfect evening for it too. Lots of different conversations topics, soothing task, laughing and catching up in the sunshine.

We worked in pairs on each panel and moved along gradually, and after about an hour we had managed to do most of the fence with a base coat.

We will be back after half term to help with more painting and gardening next time.

Well done everyone, and I think a social in the sunshine is on the cards very soon!!!

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Keith Baker signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Gardening at St Michael's School

Thu 27 May 17:30 pm
St Michael's Primary School, Somerville Road (entrance), Bournemouth, BH2 5LH
Help the school get their reception and pre-school area looking great

The lovely people at St Michael's School need us to come and clear our a plot at the entrance to the school. Last time we were there we cleared the one on one side, and this time we are clearing the other elevated flower bed. Along with that their pre-school area needs some painting (it will be outdoors) too.

We are meeting at their main entrance and we are capping the group size to 10 as I don't think we will need more than that. Please only sign up if you're sure you can make it, as late cancelations could force us to cancel the mission.

Please bring some gardening gloves if you have them.

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Keith Baker signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Lift and Move (MOVED TO 15th May)

Sat 15 May 10:00 am
Unit 5, The Sovereign Shopping Centre, 600 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 4SX
Help the charity set their new unit up

THIS HAS NOW BEEN MOVED TO THE SATURDAY AFTER. Please remove yourself from the register if you are not able to attend the 15th May.

We are helping Codified Orchestra via Creative Kids this Saturday morning. They have ust moved in and need some big units moving and some large boards to help them have a larger storage unit.

We will meet outside the main entrance to the Sovereign Center on the pedestrian section of the high street. Not sure how long it will all take, but you are free to come and stay as long as you can or leave when you need to.

Ideally, we'd like around 10 of us and we'll work in separate groups to allow for social distancing. I am going to cap the session to 12 to make sure we don't have people standing around. Bring some gloves and a mask please.

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