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Thu 31 Oct 18:30 pm
Hunters Bar Roundabout, Entrance to Endcliffe Park , Sheffield, S11 8TF

On Halloween last year 14 individuals from Good Gym Sheffield went out into the pitch blackness of the night to attempt the fabled "Run of the Damned" around Damflask Reservoir.

They have not been seen since.

There have however been unconfirmed sightings of the ZOMBIE who chased them around the reservoir - mainly in the Endcliffe Park area.

To avoid the risk of zombie attack most people are now running together in a large group, during daylight hours, calling themselves "Park Run".

But a few are brave enough to venture out in the dark - join them for HALLOWEEN 2 ......


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Kate Wightman went on a group run
Group run

Happy Birthday to us! #GG10

Mon 16 Sep
Report written by Tom Mutton

Well well well, we have turned 10 #GG10!

We had a swanky new GG flag from GGHQ to commemorate the birthday so we put it to good use in our group photo before leaving our home of the Showroom tonight.

We welcomed new runner Fe Wells to tonights run and she got a huge round of applause for making it to her first group run, hopefully the first of many! Give her a cheer and support Fe by clicking on her name above!

This week we were off to help out at Lynwood Gardens, the 'pocket forest' of Sheffield which hosts a woodland Kindergarten amongst other things!

This weeks task involved;

  • Sything
  • Lopping
  • Chip spreading
  • Path clearing
  • Nettle cutting
  • Tree weaving!

After a good session the place was looking so much better for a bit of GG love!

On route back we got in some FANTASTIC FITNESS, the order of the eve included:

  • Stair squats
  • Wall sits
  • One legged chair squats
  • Loop backs

Once we were back at base and stretched off we heard from the big red man himself Ivo about where GG is up to after 10 years and our lovely Sheffield runners read some words of what GG meant to people which was a great way to finish the eve.

Until next time, happy running :)

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Group run

#GG10 - Regather

Mon 16 Sep 18:30 pm
Showroom Cinema , 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX
Helping this fantastic community gem of an organisation

Lynwood Gardens is a 'pocket forest' of mature woodland and glades situated in Broomhall virtually untouched for over 150 years. The site is located behind the Francis Newton pub and dates back to the 1820s as a rare example of the surviving house and garden of the wealthy Victorian cutlery manufacturer Francis Newton.

Lynwood Gardens is home to Sheffield Woodland Kindergarten, Sheffield’s only fully outdoor childcare provision. Regather Co-Op is agreeing a long lease for Lynwood Gardens with Sheffield City Council to secure the long term future and sustainability of the site.

Throughout the year we will helping the Friends of Lynwood Gardens and Sheffield Woodland Kindergarten to maintain and improve Lynwood Gardens.

This will involve mulching paths, removing weeds, lifting and tidying, digging, raking and pruning. As the seasons change and the days get longer we also want to get GoodGym volunteers involved in shaping the future of Lynwood Gardens.

We will provide gloves, water, tools and any other PPE needed for the task.

See you in the Forest!

If dark, please bring a head torch.

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Group run

Fruit Picking for Abundance

Mon 30 Sep 18:30 pm
Showroom Cinema , 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX
Helping to pick fruit for the community that would otherwise go to waste

The Abundance Project aims to stop waste by helping people harvest their fruit, then helping either re-distribute it to worthy food bank projects, or helping to run workshops so the public can learn the wonderful art of home preserving of fruit.

We will be meeting Lucy of Abundance Sheffield to harvest apples on Sharrow Lane.

Please bring a head torch with you and a bag if you would like to take some of the fruits of your labour home.

*** In 2017 Abundance rescued over 3 tonnes of fruit, shared 1.3 tonnes with 70 community groups worked with 530 volunteers, 3 community training partnerships and with other partners across Sheffield's communities.***

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Kate Wightman went on a group run
Group run

Highly Functioning Cyclepaths

Mon 2 Sep
Report written by Stephen Gilmer

26 runners joined us this week for another session with Sustrans to help clear some of the city's cycle paths.

We had three four runners join us for the first time, Callum, Kate, David and Linda, we hope to see you all again soon!

Everything seemed a little bit the wrong way round on our way to the task, back markers at the front, intervals in the opposite direction to where we were going etc, but the group stuck together nicely and we all arrived together, with some of the more speedy members of the pack having covered and extra bit of ground.

Sustrans Simon was on hand to show us what needed our attention, the Virgin Cycle path, the Round Sheffield Run link section and the Road to Nowhere, we split into three teams and began work. The overgrown vegetation and litter were no match for the teams and the full width of several sections of the path soon became evident.

Once we were finished Simon said thanks, and mentioned that the local business owner had popped by to say thank you too. There were several cyclist and runners using the paths who also expressed their appreciation.

We headed back to base, picking up a couple of Strava segments on the way and stopped off just by the Showroom for a combined fitness and stretch session led by Sarah, a great way to finish off the run and make sure we're ready for the next one...

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Group run

SUSTRANS - National Cycle Network (NCN)

Mon 2 Sep 18:30 pm
Showroom Cinema , 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX
Improving local access to walking and cycling routes

Sustrans are the charity that's making it easier for people to walk and cycle.

The National Cycle Network (NCN) is a network of signed paths and routes for walking, cycling and exploring outdoors, with SUSTRANS being the custodian of the Network. At 16,575 miles it spans the UK, connecting people and places and providing traffic-free spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Sheffield has approximately 17 miles of National Cycle Network and growing, much of which is also part of the Trans -Pennine Trail. The Network enters Sheffield from the north at Grenoside and leave the city to the East at Rother Valley Park and to the West at Ringinglow. No-one would claim that the Network is perfect in the Sheffield area and it's in much need of looking after and regular maintenance. It passes through some of the most deprived areas in the city and problems include general litter, broken glass, fly-tipping, vandalism, and overgrowth.

The Task:

Good Gym can help make the network usable and attractive to prospective users by helping with litter-picking and brushing back, vegetation management, cleaning signs and a general sprucing-up. LItter-pickers, brooms and shovels etc will be provided to give this area a bit of a clean. If you have your own gardening gloves, please bring them with you, thanks! If it's Likely to be dark on the run, please bring a head torch with you.

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Kate Wightman has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Sun 1 Sep 2019

Kate completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Kate was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Kate Wightman has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Sun 1 Sep 2019

Kate is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Kate Wightman went on a community mission
Community mission

No Snakes and Ladders - Just Scaling Ladders :)

Sun 1 Sep
Report written by Sheffield runner

5 GoodGymers joined the Alexandra Road Garden Volunteers this month to clear ivy and Russian vine from the Great Garden Wall of Heeley; and we welcomed new GoodGymer Kate at her first GG Sheffield Community Mission :)

Scaling great heights Jane, Simon and Kate got to work on cutting down the masses from the top, with 'Keep Safe! :)' Kat footing Kate's ladder, and Ash, Sarah and James pulling back the ivy from ground level and collecting and tidying up clippings.

The morning was topped off with a cup of Jane's lovely tea, biscuits, fruit and a chat.

Branching out into supporting a diverse fruit market GGr 'James and the Giant Peach', helped pick plums from the garden for GGrs to try. They were lovely.

Please join us next month, and bring a bag to take home some tasty apples from the garden that will be ripe for picking.

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