Group run

Fruit Picking for Abundance

Helping to pick fruit for the community that would otherwise go to waste


The Abundance Project aims to stop waste by helping people harvest their fruit, then helping either re-distribute it to worthy food bank projects, or helping to run workshops so the public can learn the wonderful art of home preserving of fruit.

We will once again be meeting Lucy Corcoran of Abundance Sheffield at the Broomhall meeting place (Holberry Gardens meets Havelock St) to harvest apples from a community orchard.

Please bring a head torch with you and a bag if you would like to take some of the fruits of your labour home.

*** In 2017 Abundance rescued over 3 tonnes of fruit, shared 1.3 tonnes with 70 community groups worked with 530 volunteers, 3 community training partnerships and with other partners across Sheffield's communities.***

Date and time

6:30pm Monday, 30th of September 2019

You will be able to join a group walking to the task if you'd prefer not to run.

4km total distance

Remember that we run/walk to and from the task, so you'll only be running/walking for half this distance in one go.

This is a standard GoodGym group run. If you're worried about any aspect of the session, contact us.

Ideal for beginners

Start Location

Showroom Cinema
15 Paternoster Row
S1 2BX View Map

GoodGym start locations have a space to change, leave bags and toilets.

What to look out for

Make sure you've read our general guidelines for safety when running and at a task.

Lifting or moving heavy objects
Injury or harm may be caused to yourself or others around you heavy objects are dropped on feet or hands or harm may be caused if you lift heavy objects incorrectly.
Use of tools and equipment
If tools are used incorrectly or inappropriately they could cause harm to yourself or others around you.
Splinters, nails and sharp things being carried
Injury or harm may be caused to yourself by objects that may be sharp, or have splinters or nails in them.
Dark task
The area you are working in may be in darkness which could cause a risk of trips or concealed hazards.
Brambles / low hanging branches or undergrowth
Injury or harm could be caused to your eyes or face from sharp low hanging branches, undergrowth or brambles.
Animal diseases/ faeces/ poison
It is possible that there is animal matter that may cause you illness or infection.
Sharp objects being handled or concealed in leaves, sand or other substance
Injury or harm may be caused to yourself from sharp objects, such as needles or glass, concealed by leaves or sand or some other substance.


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Led by

Tom Mutton

Tom Mutton
Sheffield Trainer. Personal Trainer & England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness.

Runners helping out

Walk Leader

Lead a walking group to the task

  • Sheffield runner


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Who's going

  • FE Wells
  • Andrew Waters
  • Claire Hopper
  • Hannah McCormack
  • Michael Beirne
  • Victoria
  • Cat
  • Darren Wake
  • Kate Wightman
  • Sarah Lamb
  • Helen Alford
  • Dana
  • Sheffield runner
  • Annie Hinton
  • Celine
  • Sheffield runner

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Showroom Cinema
15 Paternoster Row
S1 2BX

There's space to change and leave bags and toilets. We're not planning to do anything purposefully dangerous, but GoodGym takes no responsibility for your safety during group runs, you participate at your own risk. Participants accept full responsibility for items stored at Showroom Cinema, and Showroom Cinema and GoodGym will not be held liable for any losses or damages.


New to GoodGym?

This is a GoodGym group run, where we run to help a local community organisation and then run back.

New runners are welcome to GoodGym group runs - no one gets left behind. You're unlikely to be alone, hundreds of new people sign up every week.

There's a place to leave bags and a toilet at the start point, all you need to do is bring your trainers. It's free to try - get involved!

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