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Jess Smith completed a training run • MAD MARCH QUEST RUN #2
Wed 3 Mar
Jess Smith completed a training run • MAD MARCH QUEST RUN #1
Mon 1 Mar
Jess Smith went on a training session
Training session
Windsor and Maidenhead

The Kings, Queens, Jacks and Jokers of Windsor & Maidenhead

Sun 28 Feb
Report written by Amy Lovell

Locked down during the coldest UK Winter in 25 years, a card game seemed like a pretty good way to pass the time, so that's what we did....but we did it in GoodGym style of course! So instead of donning our slippers and playing in front of the fire, we donned an extra base layer and woolly hat and and played on the pavements and trails of our lovely borough.

Players dealt eachother cards via WhatsApp and the card determined what training session the player needed to do next. It was all in the luck of the draw! Well done to everyone who took part, and special mention to Lara for dealing even though she wasn't playing.

Had this been a high stakes game, Juli would now be a very rich lady. She ran 14 different cards including lots of Aces (to her favourite coffee places), multiple Kings (of the mountains = hills sessions), a Jack (of all trades = cross-training), multiple runs of between 5km and 10km (some of which were also GoodGym (not)Parkruns where she happens to be the age grade Queen - whoop whoop!!), a 3 ("is me", where she spelled her name with road names) and a 2 (is running with company). She also finished the month on a fabulous 10 (10km), which somehow turned into a 13+km with her partner Nick, because the sun was finally out and the woods are beautiful and why not!?

Oh and Juli ran a joker too! Joker means running in fancy dress. Luckily Amy was also dealt a joker around the same time, so they did the sensible thing and dressed up as the Queen and Ace of hearts and ran a route in the shape of a heart on Valentine's Day. Again, why ever not!? They raised lots of smiles on the way round, although the rain did make the costumes look a bit sad by the end.

Other note-worthy runs included: Claire's awesome 24km walk of Maidenhead Boundary, which could have counted for multiple cards; and Jess and Sophie's fitness session where they showed great solidarity by both doing sprints for Sophie's Queen (of speed = intervals) AND a HIIT work-out for Jess's Jack (of all trades) - epic stuff!

And Tara did her final run today, an Ace (to her favourite place), which also included dropping off bunches of daffodils on friends' doorsteps. Such a lovely thing to do, and all under a stunning moon!

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Sat 27 Feb
Jess Smith went on a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

COVID-19 vaccination clinic marshalling

Sat 27 Feb
Report written by Sara Powell

Another busy week for the GoodGym crew at the Covid Vaccination centre in Maidenhead. It was all hands on deck with the normal tasks: Booking patients in at reception, marshalling, cleaning and manning the health pods. Great team work!!! Everyone who attended this week are true superstars!!

Thursday: Sani & Kristina Friday: Tara Saturday: Paul, Sara, Jess and Catriona

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Jess Smith went on a party
Windsor and Maidenhead

One-derful fun!

Fri 26 Feb
Report written by Amy Lovell

GoodGym Windsor and Maidenhead is 1!

Covid-19 has given us a very different year to what we expected, but we haven't let it stop us from building a community of one-derful people, who have collectively done a whopping 723 good deeds and been motivated to stay fit and active along the way. We certainly weren't about to let Covid-19 stop us from celebrating our first birthday in style!

We had a Zoom quiz and natter, with lots of good sportsmanship and big laughs. Highlights from the evening included:

  • Being able to give Jen (VIP guest from Slough!) and Sara a big round of applause for their 100th and 50th good deeds respectively - amazing achievements from these superstars! Also learning about what they have been doing with crisp packets at Terracycle near Slough.
  • Lots of us being able to put faces to names and say a proper hello having only 'met' before on WhatsApp or read about each other in run reports.
  • Tara joining straight from a shift at the Maidenhead Covid-19 vaccination clinic - way to go Tara!
  • Big excitement at the news that Parkrun is expected to return from the 5th of June and Junior Parkrun (for 4-10 year olds initially) from the 11th of April. Hurrah! We were particularly honoured to have Parkrun Director Nick B joining our celebration as a VIP guest on the historic day of this announcement.
  • A big up to Sani, Rich, Jen, Jess, Sophie, Wendy, and Fran, who were all there at our launch and are still part of the family one year on.
  • Matt's demonstration of the running man.
  • Everyone doing the twist.
  • Attempts at jumping jacks without leaving the sofa.
  • Seeing what it would look like if Queen Elizabeth II dressed up as Paul in a Santa hat and went out for a run.
  • Seeing what it would look like if Sophie and Elton John had a child and he grew up, joined GoodGym and helped rescue baby toads.
  • Nick S's reaction to finding out that Timmy Mallet lives nearby.
  • Amy learning how to use breakout rooms (thanks to technical support James)
  • Laura, Gareth and Tara of the 'Cool Chefs' being super focussed and nailing every challenge in record time.
  • Team 'We are Pants'' innovative choice of team uniform, in particular Sophie's styling of her hair through the leg holes.
  • Fran's stamina when it came to keeping her pants on. It did not go un-noticed that Nick S whipped his off at the earliest opportunity.
  • Jen's explanation that she was a 'Llama in pyjamas' disguised as a bear. Obvs.
  • Claire from the 'Mad Hatters' wearing a child's riding helmet.
  • All the celebratory drinks.
  • Brilliant efforts to GoodGym-ify the lyrics of Queen's 'Don't stop me now' such as: >(Don't stop us now) We're digging such a big hole We're planting a tree (Wear fancy dress) Goodgym always has a good time So give them a call!
  • Re-writes of Bruce Springsteen's 'Born to Run' to make them more relevant to the present day, such as: > Oh covid, trapped like us Bojo, let us out to run Come with me, athletes like us Baby, we’re born to park run
  • Adaptations of Bonnie Tyler's 'I need a hero' with Boris in Johnson in mind, such as: >I need a haircut, I’m holding out for a haircut till the end of the spring. It’s got to be short, and it’s got to be blond cos I want be the next king.
  • And a second verse: >I need a vaccine I'm holding out for a vaccine by the end of the year It's got to be safe and it's gotta work And it's gotta get me out for a beer
  • The group singing/rapping these lyrics in unison.
  • The fact that I recorded it so I can watch it back whenever I want to. Bwa ha ha ha...
  • Our agreement that next year's celebration will include going out together for a pizza and lots of hugs.

Happy birthday to us!

An extra well done to everyone who also went for a celebratory birthday run, and special mention to Amanda, who brought birthday balloons (and a big smile to lots of people's faces) for her run with Amy around Maidenhead's Parkrun route.

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Jess Smith signed up to a training session
Training session
Windsor and Maidenhead

The Windsor and Maidenhead MAD MARCH QUEST

Wed 31 Mar 23:45 pm
All sorts of interesting places, Around Windsor and Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead, SL6 XXX
Quiz meets scavenger run in this month-long fitness challenge

How well do you know our local area? Probably not as well as our Mad March Quest quizmaster James Lovell...He's been busy over the last few weeks cycling and running around Windsor and Maidenhead, finding out all sorts of interesting facts about our towns and the surrounding countryside. And now its your turn!

1 month. Over 50 questions. Loads of inviting footpaths, lovely parks, interesting landmarks and moments in history waiting to be discovered!

How does it work?

Click here to access the Mad March Quest quiz questions. Click here for a Google Map showing where you need to go to find the answer to each question.

You are expected to arrive at the question location by foot or by bicycle, but you may have a short car ride to travel to the general vicinity before you start your exercise. You can answer as many questions in each outing as you like.

Submit your answers by email to All those submitted before the 1st of April will count. Do as much or as little as you like, and if you like a bit of competition check out the leaderboard here! There will be a prize for the person (or people in the event of a tie!) who answers the most questions.

Late sign ups are very welcome too.

Remember to reach out to the GoodGym community if you're looking for company on your runs or you need help route planning. Please also remember to stay safe and adhere to the GoodGym Covid-19 guidance at all times.

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Jess Smith went on a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Extra shift at the clinic

Sun 21 Feb
Report written by Tara Isherwood

2 runners picked up an extra shift at the vaccination clinic on Sunday morning. Everyone was in and out like a shot, back home in time for lunch.

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Jess Smith went on a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

A surprise visit at the COVID-19 vaccination clinic

Sat 20 Feb
Report written by Sara Powell

It was all hands on deck at the COVID-19 clinic this week. The arrival of the health pods are a great addition to the clinics. With fewer people visiting their GP since COVID arrived, there is a risk that dangerous health conditions are not being diagnosed early enough. The health pods help check some basic health indicators and if the results raise concerns then the patient is referred for a check-up. All of the GoodGym team members have done a fantastic job, in stepping up to the challenge. We have had amazing feedback from the clinical team, so a HUGE well done to everyone who has been attending these clinics.

Saturday, Windsor & Maidenhead's MP Mrs Theresa May came to see how the clinic was running. It was so nice for several of the 'GoodGym' team to be able to talk with her. Unfortunately, we couldn't capture the meeting on camera, as no photos are allowed to be taken in the clinic.....

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Jess Smith signed up to a party
Windsor and Maidenhead

1st Birthday Party and Quiz

Fri 26 Feb 19:30 pm
Your Street, Your City, Your Post Code
Get together to celebrate our first year

This Friday 26th of February is the anniversary of our launch. GoodGym Windsor and Maidenhead is turning ONE!

GoodGym area birthdays are normally marked with much fanfare and cake, and although we may be locked down, that doesn't mean we can't party. Join us on Zoom for a light-hearted quiz and a good laugh.

You are only required to bring yourself, but if your idea of a good party also includes your family, cake, a chocolate fondue, vodka luge or bouncy castle, then obviously you're welcome to 'bring' that stuff too.

Zoom details will be emailed out around 15 minutes before to everyone who signs up. They will also be shared on the group WhatsApp.

If you can manage a celebratory run in your GoodGym t-shirt (and party hat?) earlier in the day too, then even better! Why not reach out to the group to find a buddy to join you?

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us....!

Duration is an estimate.

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