Jade Harrison-Jordan

Pretty new to this running thing. It's just one foot in front of the other, right?


5Good deeds



Jade Harrison-Jordan has cheered 250 times. Wed 5 Jul 2017

Jade is one of the people that keep the GoodGym community alive and well. By cheering 250 times they've shown they're committed to supporting other runners. They are definitely a fan of what GoodGym is all about.

Jade Harrison-Jordan is going to run further Wed 5 Jul 2017

Jade Harrison-Jordan is going to run further.

Their target is to run 21.0 km in a single session by Oct 1st 2017.

To achieve this Jade will log 3 sessions a week.

On Jul 5th 2017, Jade decided to make this happen.

Jade Harrison-Jordan has completed 5 good deeds with GoodGym. Wed 5 Jul 2017

Jade is a now a pretty committed GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the fifth time

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