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Wed 10 Feb
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Tue 9 Feb
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Mon 8 Feb
Farnaz completed a walk • 7/7 - GG Challenge final week
Sun 31 Jan
Farnaz completed a walk • 6/7 - GG Challenge final week
Sun 31 Jan
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All's Well That Ends EPICLY!

Sun 31 Jan
Report written by Char Binns

🎵 We are the champions my friends!🎵

On the final day of the January Challenge, GoodGym Liverpool did it for Team Nicky Spinks, in epic style with a 12-hour virtual relay featuring at least 2 GoodGymers walking or running in each hour-long slot.

Starting at 7am, here's what happened.

  • Pauline went out for a 2 hour sunrise walk and clocked 10.37km. Meanwhile, Jak and Char (that's me!) ran together and watched the sky turn red during an early morning Half Marathon (clocking 22.85km and 22.28km respectively).

  • At 9am the virtual baton was passed to Rowan (who clocked a fab 10.11km run) plus Jo (who did a brilliant 14.54km run). Chris A. signed up for a 2-hour slot and bagged another Half Marathon for the team and added 21.65km to the total.

  • Joining in at 10am, Yan clocked a 10.07km run in her first of two relay spots.

  • From 11am - 12pm, Becky S. and Eimear independantly set off on the relay, with Becky enjoying a 5.34km walk and Eimear adding 10.94km to the team's total on a scenic run.

  • Next up, from 12pm - 1pm, Farnaz and Ruth took the baton, running 5.07km and 9.26km respectively. Boom!

  • From 13:00 - 16:00 John took the baton and ran his first ever marathon, wow weeee! Meanwhile, now in her second relay slot, Yan clocked another 15.06km during a long walk.

  • At 16:00 - 17:00 Jo rejoined the relay, adding a 5.24km walk to her impressive monthly total (nevermind that she walked with son Ben who's kilometres belong to GoodGym Ealing ;) ). Meanwhile, Emma (who had already clocked 10.77km on a non-relay related walk) added 8.93km to the total with an hour long run.

  • Pauline and I returned to the relay for the final 2 hours. Pauline added 14.97km to her huge monthly total while I ended the biggest running week of my life with another 23.08km.

  • Throughout the day, our mega endurance walker Tim clocked a ridiculous 64.03km during a walk that lasted the best part of 11 hours!!!

Without adding other walks and incidentals clocked by the team during the day, Team Liverpool added 327km to the Team Nicky Spinks total in just 12 hours. What an incredible achievement. I'm so proud of you all!

What's more, Team Nicky Spinks won the whole of the January Challenge, clocking an enormous 20,074km. An astonishing 4,298km came from GoodGym Liverpool, making us the third branch overall, only behind the legendary GoodGym York and mighty GoodGym Bristol. You are all absolute STARS!

Individually, our Pauline smashed it in the good deed league table, with 50 good deeds completed. She also somehow found the time to clock an enormous 669.48km coming in second in the whole of GoodGym. But absolutely unstopable at the top of the table was our Tim who walked his way to an unbelievable 700.25km. How chuffing fantastic is that?! Plus a little humble brag from me, I came in 5th overall with 528.77km and achieved my goal to be the highest ranked Area Activator.

This means that GoodGym Liverpool clocked 3/5 of the top places this year.

We finally all took the chance to rest, sharing a Zoom dinner party and quiz hosted by Mat to celebrate.

As my time leading GoodGym Liverpool comes to an end, I was treated to a whole pile of gifts from the team - thank you so, so much to everyone, I feel really touched. But most of all, I'm blessed to have worked with such an incredible team for the last 3 years. Love yous x x x

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Sat 30 Jan
Farnaz completed a training run • 4/7 - GG Challenge final week
Fri 29 Jan
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Thu 28 Jan
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Thu 28 Jan
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