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Emma went on a community mission
Community mission

He’s BAD but we are GOOD

Fri 26 Mar
Report written by Manjit Birk

What a Thriller of a morning!

As if its not exciting enough volunteering at the vaccine centre, we had a special yet Dangerous guest appearance today! Slough's very own X-Factor Onkar Judge! So after a Billie Jean rendition we quickly picked ourselves Off the Wall and got to work! (Thank you Onkar for bringing your energy and soul to us this morning... you cheered us up!)

So In da house today we had :-

Dirty Diana Nisha in the green zone with Beat it Sandy as her wing girl.

We had Helen in main reception who just Wanna be starting somethin with every guest coming in!

Outside, Joseph was our Man in the Mirror as he parked up the cars.

Alison was stopping the Speed Demons from driving in without being screened.

And our newest Friday recruit Nital was learning the ropes inside then outside and after a while just said Leave Me Alone

Whilst Edward and I made sure there was no Blood on the dancefloor Great work Co- VL!

We finished our Friday morning shift to see Smooth Criminal Emma get her lateral flow test and get into action.

Tomorrow we have Jen; Kam and Naomi ready to Rock with You

Well done all!

Signing off for another week!

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Emma signed up to a training session
Training session

Fitness in the park

Mon 12 Apr 18:00 pm
Upton Court Park , Upton Court road , Slough, SL3 7LU
Get Fit

We are back!

Our first in person training session for 2021!!

I'm airing on the side of caution and limiting our initial training sessions to 10 (over the 15 we are allowed to have). I will review this as we move forward.

But for now! Lets get those trainers on, put on your sweats and meet me in the park for a fitness session.

Just a couple of reminders:

  1. Please bring your own bag to put your keys, phone, water bottles in (I'm afraid I can't let you use my bag anymore)

  2. When running - please maintain a safe distance from other GG members and members of the public using the park

  3. Bring all your energy

We will meet at Upton Court Park for this session and remain within the boundaries of the park.

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Emma went on a community mission
Community mission

Injecting some goodness

Fri 19 Mar
Report written by Manjit Birk

A split shift today with a trio at Langley Healthcare Centre and the rest at Salt Hill.

Nisha, Sut and Alison kindly agreed to go help at Langley as they were short of volunteers and judging by their photos they had their usual Friday fun.

Whilst over at Salt Hill we quickly prepped for a VIP visit, (not Boris sadly!), and waited for our usual queues to form.

A quieter day than usual... less jib jab but still injecting doses of energy.

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Emma signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Litter pick and Get Fit

Fri 4 Dec 09:30 am
Upton Court Park , Upton Court road , Slough, SL3 7LU
Improve the environment

Get ready to spend a Friday morning being active!

We will start with a 30 minutes run based fitness session (expect strength work, speed work, upper body work, drills - no equipment needed)

Following this, we will do a 30 minute litter pick of the park.

This session will be at Upton Court Park, but we may move around the town to different parks.

Please remember your face mask and gloves for the litter pick. We will do this in a socially distanced way.

Litter pickers and bags will be provided but if you have your own please bring that.

If you wish to attend just the Community Mission please arrive at 10am...but please sign up so I know to wait for you

Meeting point will be near the football hut.

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Emma has completed 15 good deeds with GoodGym. Mon 24 Aug 2020

Emma has completed their 15th good deed with GoodGym

Emma went on a community mission
Community mission

Hedges, Hills and Hamstrings

Mon 24 Aug
Report written by Manjit Birk

Our second group fitness session tonight went down a treat. Eight Goodgym'ers came along to do something good and get fit at the same time.

Doing Good

The doing good bit was to pull that rubbish from the hedges, push back the bushes and poke out the rubbish the ‘bad’ folk have left behind... vodka bottles, plastic bags and a razor blade were our cutting finds tonight.

Getting Fit

Tonight’s fitness session was Round 2 of last weeks leg strength work with a few hills added in for my personal amusement... there’s a reason why I’m their favorite personal terrain-er!

Put your left leg in your left leg out...

We did an around the clock workout going anti clockwise on the left leg and clockwise on the right.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough after doing that on each leg we then repeated the around the clock with lunges... well done team for stepping up to the challenge... doesn't time fly when you are having fun?

No sloping off

Legs burning, it was now time for the hills.

Our challenge was to do x4 hill repeats stopping at the top to do x10 side jump jacks and x 10 back / forward jacks at the bottom.

And repeat ... but this time time with toes turners fancy footwork!

A nice strength building exercise ... you can always pin your slopes on getting a good workout with hills.

All jelly legged now we decided to gently jog back to the start from the 5km post

Well done team on another gluteus performance team.

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Emma signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Keeping Britain Tidy and Running up them Hills

Mon 24 Aug 18:30 pm
Upton Court Park , Upton Court road , Slough, SL3 7LU
Improve the environment and get fit

This session will be our second fitness/run/community task all in one, following Goodgym and Government guidelines.

We will meet at Upton Court Park, near the GREEN GYM.

We will spend 15/20 minutes litter picking the car park and those pesky hedges.

Next, we will move onto a mini fitness session suitable for runners/and non runners and finally we will do some hill repetitions (you can run or walk these)

If we have a smaller group then we will run/walk the short distance to Herschel Park to do our fitness/hill work. Otherwise we will got hit (Mo’s) hills! (Near the parkrun 3km post).

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Emma went on a community mission
Community mission

A litter training session makes you feel runderful

Mon 17 Aug
Report written by Manjit Birk
  • It’s Monday - check
  • It’s 6:30 - check
  • We have runners - check
  • We have a task - check

What are we waiting for... let’s get ready to run-ble!

Hedging our bets

Our task tonight was to #keepbritaintidy with a litter pick mission.

So we litter picked the hedges and within the bushes.

Generally these areas get missed so our warm up to the warm up was to poke, pick and prod until we dislodged the rubbish.

Mission complete we got ready for the next round.

I’m just warming up

Warm up games are not the same when you can’t run into someone, push them over in a game of tag or slap their knees in a body slam match... but hey ho... single file running using different running ranges it was then.

Weight for it..

Who needs fancy kit when you have your own body weight to work with?

Tonight we did my favorite stability, strength and balance workout with a little twist

  • Hip hip hooray for the hip stability work,
  • Footloose with the foot strengthing work
  • A balanced approach for the core balance work
  • And jumping jacks in all directions to finish off.

Run? I thought you said Rum!

The rum will be well deserved tonight! After all this fitness we then headed out (or should I say in) the park for some good old fashioned Fartlek speed work.

Half a mile of killing ourselves! What better way to start the week and end your Monday!

So good to be out again with the crew on a Monday night... Doing Good and Getting Fit

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Emma went on a community mission
Community mission

Getting trollied along the river

Sat 15 Aug
Report written by Sandy Dhaliwal

We were back with our friends at the Jubilee Riverside Centre Slough for a pretty oarsome task this weekend, which saw us split into three teams. One group tackled weeding and gardening outside the centre's entrance, another were litter picking along the riverbank, and a third were in kayaks collecting rubbish which had made its way into the water.

The day was also a call for a bit of celebration too. Firstly we congratulated Jenny for reaching her 50 good deeds milestone - which is particularly impressive as she only joined us in February and for many months was notching up her deeds during lockdown.

Secondly we welcome Brenda, who is fellow GoodGymer Jen's mum, to our GG Slough family. It was great to have her with us for her first-ever task, and to meet the wonderful mother of a much-valued member of our team.

The morning felt more like a fun day out than a hard task, despite us proving every litter bit helps as we collected eight bags of rubbish, which was mainly made up of beer cans! We also recovered a shopping trolley from the river itself in a strategic and co-ordinated effort which involved the teams in the water and along the riverbank working together to get the cart out of there safely and securely.

If that wasn't enough, cannoe believe it, we also managed to collect a dinghy full of rubbish out of the river itself!

A fantastic day was had by all, as the end result saw a cleaner river and its nearby paths free from rubbish, the centre's garden beds weeded and neatened up - with Jen making light work of cutting back an overgrown tree, and the chance for us big kids to get back out onto the water, brush up on our kayaking skills and have the odd race too!

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