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Tue 16 Feb
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Tue 19 Jan
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All is(n't) quiet on New Year's Day

Fri 1 Jan
Report written by Colchester runner

Happy New Year to GoodGymers everywhere!

Lots of Colchester GoodGymers got out on a very cold ❄ New Year's Day for a run or a walk.

Anna joined us for her first session with GoodGym Colchester. A very warm welcome Anna from all of us.

We were also joined by Melanie and Darren from GoodGym Bristol, lovely to have you both with us.

Well done to everyone for getting out of the door on New Year's Day.

Let's hope that in the year ahead we can be together again and continue do some good.

As ever Ian

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New Years Day (Not) Park Run From Wherever You Are

Fri 1 Jan 06:00 am
Leisure World Colchester, Cowdray Avenue, Colchester, CO1 1YH
A fine way to start 2021

Normally there are loads of parkrun's on New Years Day, but as its far from normal at the moment , I thought it would be good to put on a virtual (not) parkrun for Colchester GoodGym.

Simply run or walk 5km between 6 am and 12 noon on January 1st to start the year off on a high.

Of course we,sadly, can't all run together so please just run from wherever you are on the 1st January ,please ignore the location in the description.

Please take a selfie and give me a few details of your run or walk and send it to me via the WhatsApp group and I'll include them in the report.

I've 'borrowed' this idea from Leeds GoodGym with the full approval of Gemma Bridge the Leeds Area Activator .

Any queries please let me know.

As ever Ian

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Sun 27 Dec
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Fri 4 Dec
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Sat 21 Nov
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Thu 19 Nov
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Wed 4 Nov
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Community mission

Hammer-time on the decks

Sat 24 Oct
Report written by Tav

It was a pleasure to get out to the boat yards in Brightlingsea this morning. We were met by the beaming smile of Felicity who manages the Pioneer Sailing Trust and a familiar face as Alison from Level Best got stuck in too. Our tasks were both familiar and new. Whilst Emily, Alison, Felicity and I weeded along the boathouse, Ella, Ros, Naomi and Phil went to hammer away the tar coating on the deck on board the historic Pioneer. Once the weeders were done we moved inside to sand down the hull of one of the sailing trusts rigs which they build and sell. We did look a little like smurfs afterwards due the the blue paint.

Felicity was very pleased with the progress made on a necessary job after a busy and strange summer of trips.

A big thank you to the Pioneer Sailing Trust for what they do to help people in the local area. A task that highlights a great partnership and how satisfying working and volunteering at goodgym is. There is a job going for thr Area Activator to come in and help Goodgym to help others.

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