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Ellie went on a party

A fangtastic time in Uni Parks

Sun 31 Oct
Report written by Ruth

GoodGymmers old and new came together for a monstrously fun Halloween social in University Parks.

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Zombies, Run!

Sun 31 Oct 15:00 pm
Oxford University Parks, Oxford, OX1 3RF
A ghoulish good time

Join us in University Parks for a game of Zombie Tag and other Halloween-inspired activities.


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Ellie went on a community mission
Community mission

Rose Hill Cycling Festival 2021

Sat 18 Sep
Report written by Trev
  • Over 50 people came to the Cycling Festival in Rose Hill 2021

  • Over 30 people got their bike registered with Thames Valley Police (and many recieved a free D Lock!)

  • Loads of people got their bike fixed with help from Broken Spoke!

  • About 10 or more people came to the Rides lead by Cowley Condors, Joy Riders and Trev lead a social ride with help from Sarah and Ruth

  • Many kids played balance games with tennis balls, chalked hopscotch and golf balls thrown into a bike basket lead by Joy Riders. They also rode a course set out on the field and older kids helps make the course more difficult!

Some adults (Kathy and Phillipa from RHILC) tried the Bike course, and some adults (including Ruth, Ellie, Amy and Matty) also tried balancing the tennis ball to win a sticker! Matty failed to do it whilst eating a biscuit but did win a leopard sticked eventually! He also found a lucky rubber band on the ride which apparently you are meant to post into a post box to cheer up the postmen (they are always loosing them apparently!)!

Refreshments were expertly made by Eleanor and Chris From RHILC plus Emily and Trev making Hot chocolate for kids. On our social ride we met a mule named Falco who is training for Walk for Earth, Ecocide!
Merlin a local artist came and did a quick painting of some of the action!

The sun shone and fair to say we all cycled home pretty happily exhausted Enjoy your bikes guys :) Trev

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Community mission

Rose Hill Cycling Festival - Support!

Sat 18 Sep 10:00 am
Rose Hill Community Centre, Carole's Way, Oxford, OX4 4 HF
lots of enthusiastic cycling activities

Trev is helping RHILC organise a Cycling Festival in Rose Hill this will include

  • Some social rides for beginners and improvers with local groups
  • Some kid games, and a small track around the back of the community centre
  • Broken Spoke bike maintenance workshop
  • Info about local clubs like Cowley Condors

Facebook event is here: https://fb.me/e/2oyECPWTP

GoodGymers can help with, setup.. tables, chairs Welcoming teas/coffees for volunteers any enthusiastic bikers can bring their bikes, talk about your bike answer questions. Also depending what happens with the rides GGers can join in with the Adult rides to support / be friendly faces also help with any kid games pack down

10am is a ride (don't come for 10am if you aren't helping with that!) 11:30am till 2:30pm if when most help would be great (the event is 12 - 2pm with with setup and packdown dont feel you have to come for all of it) ESPECIALLY welcome are any enthusiastic bikers, bring your bike, all your bike kit and talk to people about cycling.. If you can only make part of the event you are still welcome!

** I am leading a social Ride at 10am (about 40mins 5kish) it would be great to have a couple of confident social riders to back mark with me? just to ride around Rose Hill, Iffley, Florence park.. there is also long rides which you are welcome to join to bump up numbers!!

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Ellie went on a group run
Group run

Pond Life

Wed 25 Aug
Report written by Anwen Greenaway

Pond reprofiling was the name of the game this evening - the end goal being to create a few new habitats suitable for newts and other amphibians at Boundary Brook Nature Park.

The pond currently has very steep sides, and digging out the edge to create a gentle slope will make it much more newt friendly. Tonight's Wednesday team picked up where the soggy Saturday crew left off, but this time with added mattocks! We cleared vegetation, mattocked the ground to loosen the earth, and started digging out the soil, holding our noses every time anything disturbed the somewhat stinky pond water. The race is on to get the work done by the end of September when the newts will take to the water. In a win-win, the vegetation and soil were piled up to create 2 hibernaculums; another wonderful habitat for the creatures.

Mattocking, digging, wheelbarrowing and running - we got full body workouts tonight!

Boundary Brook Nature Park will be having an open afternoon on Saturday 11th September. So if you're keen to go back, walk the paths we've built, and admire the fruits of your pond digging, that's your chance.

Well done on your 50th Good Deed Louise - get that black Tshirt ordered!

Nice to meet Hannah on tour from GoodGym Bromley.

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Ellie went on a training session
Training session

Running in circles

Wed 11 Aug
Report written by Bethan Greenaway

After months and months of restrictions it was absolutely JOYFUL to run as a group again.

After our task at Aston's Eyot we made our way around the corner to the famous Roger Bannister track.

This iconic track was where the first official sub-4-minute mile was recorded and now home of a few Goodgym training sessions. >

After a short introduction on track rules, Anwen set us off on our workout. We were rewarded with cake and applause at the end and an agreement to see if we could use the track again soon.

A fabulous group run!!

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Ellie went on a group run
Group run

Burrs in the hair, just don’t care

Wed 11 Aug
Report written by Anwen Greenaway

Aston's Eyot is a nature reserve tucked away between Meadow Lane and the river. The land belongs (I think I remember rightly) to Christchurch, but there's an active Friends of Aston's Eyot group who manage and monitor it. Our very own Sarah is also a member of Friends of Aston's Eyot. There's all sorts of wildlife resident in the nature reserve - even badgers and deer despite it's proximity to residential/urban areas.

Through the spring an summer months we like to try and get to Aston's Eyot to help out a few times. There's always lots to do!

Tonight the scythes were out again and we got some great Poldark action going, chopping back nettles around a meadow area, and raking enormous heaps of the chopped nettles back (not as bad for the hayfever sniffles this month!). Fresh from our fence detangling at South Ward Allotments we expertly removed and rolled up a long chicken wire fence so that it can be redeployed elsewhere on site. Matty and Meysam bashed some new fence posts in - not the ideal task for someone feeling a bit shabby from a hangover perhaps, but kill or cure....

Turning our attention to other areas of the meadow we threw caution to the wind and let the long-haired people pull out Burdock. Once Bethan got 15 burrs tangled in her hair we realised the error of our ways! Vicky, Sarah and Jocasta took the litter pickers off round some of the favourite picnic areas, finding no pants but making up for it with a burnt bra (approve the feminist principles, less so the littering!), and the rest of the group gloved-up and took to nettle pulling. Hauling out the nettles will hopefully give the smaller flowers room and light to grow and will encourage biodiversity; worth a few tingly stings.

Is it even a GoodGym task if you don't get a bramble scratch or a nettle sting?

Some exciting milestones tonight:

10th Good Deed for Meysam - nicely planned so that it was at the same location as his first GoodGym session.
Holly and Venetia both did their 50th Good Deed. They'll be rocking their black Tshirts soon.
Trev - 100 Good Deeds! Wings on their way.
We preemptively celebrated Ben's 250th Good Deed, which will probably take place before we next see him on a group task. Super Star!
A warm welcome Nick! Glad you could join us.

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Group run

Boundary Brook Nature Park

Wed 25 Aug 18:00 pm
Richard Benson Hall, 276 Cowley Rd, Oxford, OX4 1UR
Ponds and Paths

Boundary Brook Nature Park was created in 1990 when a group of community wildlife enthusiasts rescued a plot of disused allotments to carve out a wild space in the heart of East Oxford. 30 years on the space is thriving, with mixed woodland, meadow, a nature pond and butterfly glade.

Oxford Urban Wildlife Group have asked for our help to with a mixture of tasks including finishing building the paths we started in May and some pond reprofiling. We've got two sessions in quick succession with them in August to try and get lots done - we'll be there on Saturday afternoon 21st August, and also this Wednesday evening group session.

Please bring your own gardening gloves. All other tools will be provided.

Meeting options:
* Anyone wishing to run or walk to the task as a group please meet in the car park of the Richard Benson Hall, 276b Cowley Rd at 6pm. There will be running and walking routes planned. It's less than a mile to Boundary Brook Nature Park. There won’t be a bag drop available.
* If you would prefer to meet at the task please meet us outside Larkrise Primary on Boundary Brook Road at 6:15pm.

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Ellie went on a group run
Group run

That’s Allot of brambles

Wed 4 Aug
Report written by Anwen Greenaway

We've been enjoying a close partnership with Oxford Mutual Aid since last autumn, and tonight's task was all part of that. As some will know, there's recently been a shortage of HGV drivers, which has severely impacted the reliability of the fruit and vegetable supply at the OMA food bank. In an attempt to be a little more local and self-sufficient in the supply chain OMA have been on the hunt for allotments to grow their own fresh food, and the plot we were working on at East Ward Allotments is hopefully the first of many.

Loading up with surplus cardboard (for weed suppression) from the food distribution hall, we set off on foot to the allotment site, with Bethan and Vicky leading the running pack the long way round, and Anwen and Sarah loading up with cardboard and walking. We've run with plants, we've run with cake, but large cardboard boxes is where we draw the line!

A little game of Olympics Heaven and Hell formed the fun part of introductions - what would be the sport you'd go for Gold in? What would be the one you'd embarrass the nation at? We clearly have some excellent partnerships forming, as Gold medalists in the skiing can teach those of us who would career down hill demonstrating an uncontrollable wobble. Also plenty of ideas for the next GoodGym Olympics - hula hooping, punning, and a petition to add bramble root digging in place of the tug'o'war.

Lulu let us into the allotment site, and we scooted over to our friends at the Children's Allotment to pick up some tools (THANK YOU for the loan!), then no muss no fuss, got stuck in. Lulu has only recently taken on the allotment, and so there was plenty to do to get it ready for growing produce: weeding, removing bind weed, and chopping down the MASSIVE bramble tangle at the back of the plot. We're sure some of those brambles were decades old judging by the thickness of the stems. We almost felt bad to be getting rid of heritage brambles (not THAT bad though, particularly after a few scratches!). An hour or so of diligent weeding and lopping from 19 pairs of hands made a massive difference to the plot. The front bed was fully weeded, the brambles all chopped down, and some determined bramble root removal too. We even found frogs, which didn't seem too impressed by having company for the evening after months of solitude.

Welcome Rachael and Abbie. Great to meet you! We hope you enjoyed your first GoodGym evening.

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