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Fri 13 May
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Help save the Pennyroyal

Wed 18 May 18:45 pm
Jubilee Field Car Park, Bray, Maidenhead, SL6 2AD
Shift piles of scrub to help maintain the Pennyroyal's unique habitat

#WednesdayNightisGoodGymNight and this Wednesday we are headed to grazing land near Bray Lake to help NatureBureau maintain the unique habitat where the declining and protected plant Pennyroyal grows.

We will meet and welcome everyone in the free Jubilee Field car park, just off Bray High Street. Click here to see the location on Google Maps. We will then have a quick warm up before setting off on foot to the task. The distance is 2.4km and walkers are very welcome. If you prefer to run, there are options to add on 800m at the start of the route and/or 800m at the end to increase your distance. We will see what everyone wants to do on arrival and make sure that no one is on their own. If you are up for walk leading please let me know in advance and I can share the route with you.

Our destination is an area of grazing land just off Monkey Island Lane, which has been designated an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) because it is home to Pennyroyal, a precious plant that is in decline. Brambles were cleared from the site last year, mulched and left in scrub piles. Our job is to help NatureBureau clear the piles, using pitch forks and wheelbarrows. Some GoodGymers made a start on this satisfying task recently and you can read all about it by clicking here.

Before coming along please be aware of the following:

  • There are cattle grazing in the area where we are working. The may come and greet us.

  • The field can be very muddy, particularly at the entrance so be prepared to get mucky.

  • Gardening gloves are a must and you will need to watch out for thorny brambles.

  • The ground where we will be working is uneven

  • It will be getting dark on our return run/walk so headtorches are advised

There are three scrub piles in the field and we hope to clear at least 1 on this session. We will run or walk the 2.4km back to our start location on foot for stretches and goodbyes.

Can't wait to see you there!

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Wed 20 Apr
Diya Singh went on a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Butt-ering (we) can

Wed 20 Apr
Report written by Kanika

Two GGers took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked to the Maidenhead Community Allotment for some watering business.
Diya and Kanika took to watering like ducks to water(?) or something less cliché! After watering all beds, trugs, trees etc, they set about filling the big butts (I cannot lie). While the four butts took in the water, they got into some hedge trimming, trying to keep warm in the rapidly cooling evening.

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Diya Singh signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Windsor and Maidenhead

Watering and butt-filling at the Maidenhead Community Allotment

Wed 20 Apr 18:00 pm
Boyn Grove Community and Resource Centre, 11 Courthouse Road, Maidenhead, SL6 6JE
Help the plants with a good drink of water in the warm weather

When the weather is this nice, what better than a bit of hose and water fun at the Maidenhead Community Allotment! We will meet at the Boyn Grove Community Resource Centre at 6 pm to water the plant beds, trugs, fruit trees etc. and then fill up the big butts. This is an alternate and slightly earlier mission to the regular Wednesday group run (which is still going ahead).
If you've never been to the allotment before, it is a bit of a hidden gem and can be hard to find. You need to walk past the entrances for the library and resource centre and you'll find the allotment tucked away behind them. If you're lost call Kanika on 07765975051.

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Mon 18 Apr
Diya Singh completed a walk • Will walk for beers
Sun 17 Apr
Diya Singh completed a ride • Saturday done right!
Sat 16 Apr
Fri 15 Apr
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