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Clair Sim signed up to a training session
Training session

Track Attack 2021 (Round 4)

Sat 3 Jul 10:30 am
Pavilion Cafe, Victoria Park, Old Ford Rd,, London, E9 7DE
Back by popular demand- 1 mile and 5km time trial in Victoria Park!

Missing our annual trip to Parliament Hill for GG Olympics, or your regular track session with your running club? Or just interested to try out track running for the first time in a social setting?

Come and join us for a Goodgym track meet at Victoria Park Track.

(We will meet at the Pavilion Cafe at the entrance to the park and then walk over to the track).

Sign up to run either:

1 mile time trial- 4 laps

3000m (3km)- 7.5 laps

5000m (5km)- 12.5 laps

Please comment on this event page to state which distance you would prefer.

We are planning on hosting 3 or more timed events, limiting the numbers of participants on the track at one time. Those who are not running in the race will be asked to be lap counters, and will swap roles as they run.

Although the event is timed, it definitely isn't going to be competitive. Open to all, chase your own goals!

Come and cheer each other on. Afterwards, we will meet up for a coffee and possibly some brunch at the Park Cafe across from the track.

Meet you at Pavilion Cafe near the entrance to Victoria Park (Globe Road), and we will walk to the track

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Clair Sim signed up to a training session
Training session
Tower Hamlets

Friday Fitness session - Victoria Park

Fri 18 Jun 19:00 pm
Victoria Park Track, Near St Mark's Gate/ Parnell Road, London, E9 5HT
Improve your running with a fun session for all abilities

Come along for a running focused fitness session to get you moving fast and efficiently!

We'll do a thorough warm up, some running games/exercises, and then use the track to put a good bit of distance in there too.

You'll also be helping me prepare for my Leader in Running Fitness assessment, so please don't be afraid to give me some feedback on what you thought was good or what didn't work.

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Clair Sim signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Hackney Plays!!! Homerton adventure playground

Thu 17 Jun 18:45 pm
Homerton Adventure Playground , Wardle Street, London, E9 6 BX
Getting a fantastic kids playground ready for Summer

An amazing new collaboration with Hackney Play helping to get the some of Hackney’s important youth facilities ready for a busy summer holiday!

The incredible staff at Hackney Play need our help with some proper GG style tasks, we will get stuck into weeding, jet washing, clearing, raking and any number of physical tasks!

There will be some gloves but please bring your own if you can.

A great opportunity to make a big impact on the young people of Hackney’s Summer fun so please sign up and come along!

Spaces are limited to please unregister if your availability changes.

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Clair Sim went on a community mission
Community mission

Shovelling sh*t for a good cause

Wed 9 Jun
Report written by Even Alin

On a sunny summer's eve, the good folk of Hackney GC found themselves shovelling shit for a good cause, namely preparing the ground for a new hedgerow at Hackney City Farm.

Fun was had by all (I think), and the team at the farm we're grateful for the help.

I know you're all on the edge of your seats wondering; will they finish this Herculean task, will someone fall into the mound of shit (probably), will Chi ever do any work when he turns up (probably not) and who genuinely thinks this task has had a life-changing impact on their lives (all of us - we're now scarred).

For more on this, watch this space for the next thrilling instalment of this epic adventure.

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Clair Sim signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Hackney City Farm!!!

Wed 9 Jun 18:45 pm
Hackney City Farm, 1a Goldsmiths Row, London, E2 8QA
Helping to get a local institution back open

The long awaited Havkney City Farm task!!

Hopefully the first of many, varied and impactful Community Missions either the amazing Hackney City Farm!!

This week we will be helping to replant a hedge boarder around the farm! Vital to get the Farm fully operational again.

A team effort needed to hit some strong digging, soil shifting and hedge planting to create the new improved farm hedge boarder!

Would love to have you along for the effort!! Please sign up come along and have fun!!! Places are limited so please remove yourself from sign ups if your availability changes. On the night meet Ken from the farm at the from gates before going to get stuck in!

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Clair Sim went on a training session
Training session

Lightening Speed Laps!

Sat 3 Apr
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

8 Goodgym runners met up at Pavilion Cafe on Old Ford Road this morning for our first "Track Attack" time trial session of 2021. Our crew walked together to the old, bumpy (but accurately measured!) Victoria Park track, passing happy dogs, children and sports teams enjoying the slight relaxing of lockdown restrictions.

Every month, our plan is to host a 1 mile (4 laps) and a 5km (12.5 laps) event every month as a personal challenge, especially while events like parkrun are not currently operating. The atmosphere is sociable and supportive, not competitive and race focused (although we can appreciate a good kick in a track event!), and is actively open for all runners- perfect for folks who want to try track running for the first time. We were even able to enjoy a safe, socially distanced coffee and cake afterwards.

A couple of videos from trackside can be viewed here:

Sign up for next month's session here:

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Clair Sim went on a mission

Food times

Wed 31 Mar
Report written by Clair Sim

Amanda and I met at Hackney food bank to collect 2 parcels for delivery. The first delivery proved a little tricky as the flat number in a block of 9 was unknown and the intercom appeared to display instructions only in Spanish. Undeterred, we went through each flat until someone buzzed us in and then went on a door knocking spree until we found the correct recipient (I love climbing extra stairs carrying 20kg of tins!). The next delivery was (slightly) more straightforward as I had delivered to the address before. Lovely to see another real live goodgymer in the flesh and a couple of very grateful residents to boot.

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