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Anwen Greenaway completed a training run • Harriers trails
Tue 20 Apr
Anwen Greenaway completed a training run • Finally got going after 2 miles
Mon 19 Apr
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Community mission

Helping out at Warneford Hospital

Wed 5 May 18:15 pm
Warneford Lane, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7JX
Garden tidy and litter pick

We've been asked if we can help give the garden of the young person’s mental health unit, the Highfield, a good tidy up to get it ready for spring-/summer. There is only one gardener for the whole of the Warneford Hospital site, so it is a difficult to keep it all looking as good as it could.

It would be fantastic to improve the environment for young people struggling with their mental health - let's get to work!

The Highfield Unit has a large garden divided into 3 different sections, so we will split into teams to work in the different sections. We have also been asked to litter pick the whole hospital complex, so a further team will do that. It's spring clean time everywhere.

Please bring gardening gloves. Other tools will be provided.

Meeting point: on the lawn outside the main entrance of the Warneford Hospital. We will walk to the ward together from there, collecting the tools along the way.

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Anwen Greenaway completed a training run • Steady on the trails
Sun 18 Apr
Anwen Greenaway went on a community mission
Community mission

Free food teamwork

Sat 17 Apr
Report written by Anwen Greenaway

OX4 Free Food put out an SOS at lunchtime for people to deliver free meals today. Bethan and I figured we could help out if we collaborated: Bethan dashed to Flo’s Cafe to collect the food before they closed after her Community Mission at the Children’s Allotment. She then brought it over to me at Oxford Mutual Aid, and once my OMA food bank Community Mission was over I delivered meals to 4 addresses on my way home.

Between us we delivered 11 meals to 4 households.

Where there’s a will there’s a way!

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Anwen Greenaway completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Sat 17 Apr
Anwen Greenaway went on a community mission
Community mission

All calm on the OMA front

Sat 17 Apr
Report written by Anwen Greenaway

Our regular Saturday afternoon shift at Oxford Mutual Aid is meant to be an opportunity to clean the hall and kitchen as well as restocking the shelves. Over the last few weeks the volume of food parcels needing packing has meant we've rarely managed to do much cleaning or restocking.

Well, STOP THE CLOCK: today we cleaned and restocked!

Jo restocked shelves with tins, rice, pasta, and coffee, Katie cleaned the fridges and logged the fridge temperatures, Zoe tackled the mountain of bread (there's always a glut of baked goods on Saturdays) and sorted fruit and veg, Anwen emptied bins and stacked crates. With a bit of teamwork on packing 6 Emergency food parcels, sorting baby clothes onto the appropriate shelves, and a scoot round with broom and mop we were done and out into spring sunshine on the dot of 5pm.

GoodGym does strange things to you...Hooray for a chance to clean and empty bins!

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Anwen Greenaway completed a training run • 40 minutes for Bryan’s 40th
Fri 16 Apr
Anwen Greenaway signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Boundary Brook Nature Park work party

Sat 22 May 14:00 pm
Boundary Brook Nature Park, Boundary Brook Road, Oxford, OX4 4AN
Help restore and maintain this unique wild area

Boundary Brook Nature Park was created in 1990 when a group of community wildlife enthusiasts rescued a plot of disused allotments to carve out a wild space in the heart of East Oxford.

Featuring mixed woodland, meadow, a nature pond and butterfly glade, Boundary Brook is home to a rich variety of wildlife from birds and butterflies to frogs and foxes.

Oxford Urban Wildlife Group have asked for our help to with a mixture of tasks as they start reopening the site, including seeding grassland and building paths.

Please bring your own gardening gloves. Tools and litter pickers will be provided. We will divide into work groups of 8 people or less on site to tackle different areas.

The task meeting point is outside the gate to Boundary Brook Nature Park, which is on the cycle way just past Larkrise Primary School at the end of Boundary Brook Road.

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Anwen Greenaway signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Marston Forest Garden

Sun 9 May 10:00 am
Marston Forest Garden, Court Place Allotments, Boults Lane, Oxford, OX3 0PW
Tree love

Marston Forest Garden is in the Court Farm Allotment area, a short walk from Marston Community Garden and part of the same communal gardening project.

Tasks will be similar to our previous visits - digging, clearing brambles - definitely putting the 'Gym' into GoodGym!

In accordance with the current COVID-19 restrictions we will divide into smaller groups of 8 or less to work.

Please bring your own gardening gloves. It is usually very muddy on site, so wellies are advised, and definitely wear clothes you don't mind getting mucky! Tools will be provided.

Meeting point is at the end of Boults Lane, by the recreation ground. The Forest Garden is in Court Farm Allotments so we will walk from the recreation ground to the plot together.

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