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Adam Hammond went on a group run
Group run

Wax Lyrical

Tue 19 Oct
Report written by Michael

Tonight, was the first evening when it was dark as we left for our task, time for the trusty chest running light. Eleven of us at the meeting point tonight after losing a couple who weren't feeling well. Once everyone had arrived and the register was done (already feeling like school) it was time to hit the streets....But wait

Welcome Shauny to your first group task with us in Cardiff.


Follow the flashing red light of Michael

Thankfully, the rain was only mild, so we were not getting too wet, and the run was just a quick 2 km to our task at St Monica's Primary School. Once there we waited by the gate for our contact for the evening, Mr. T

No not this Mr. T, Mr. Thomas the Deputy Head. We were welcomed into the building, and we put on some fresh masks, and hand sanitiser as per the school rules. Once inside we had a brief chat with Mr. Thomas about the school whilst putting on protective gloves, as tonight we would be waxing the doors and cleaning the brass handles.

We split into groups and picked our doors, there was lots of chatting going alongside the work, but one thing was missing, some epic tunes. Mr. Thomas sorted this for us and soon we were bopping away happily. As we ran out of doors, we realised it must be time for a group photo, sweaty gloves off and wax and brasso returned, we got together first for the school photo and then for Michael's.

Back to the dark outside and time to get back to the start, stretch out those muscles and go for a social.

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Group run

St. Monica's Primary School

Tue 19 Oct 18:20 pm
Big Moose Coffee Co, 4-5 Frederick Street, Cardiff, CF10 2DB
Keep the school looking good for the kids

It's been a very long time since we last got schooled a St. Monica's Primary, today will be our very happy return to help out once again. The situation is still one that requires masks and hand sanitiser to keep to the schools rules - if you do not have masks they will be provided.

The task will be to wax the doors again, we have done this for them before so it shouldn't be difficult if we wplit into smaller groups.

  • 18:20 - 18:30 Meet at start location and catch up
  • 18:30 - 19:00 Active travel to the task
  • 19:00 - 19:30 Task as above
  • 19:30 - 20:00 Active travel to the start location

Afterwards we will head to the local for food / drink whatever you fancy - all welcome to join.

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Adam Hammond went on a group run
Group run

I like BIG BUDDHA's and I can not lie

Tue 21 Sep
Report written by Michael

A great return to times gone by with 20 goodgymers joining for tonight's Tuesday session.

Welcome back to Siki for your second group activity, great to see you back with us again.

First timers, Hayley, Jamie and Hannah welcome to your first group run with goodgym Cardiff and the Vale.

A shorter run tonight meant only one thing, time to insert an exercise routine... YES I hear you cry. We bid farewell to the walk / joggers and made our way to the park to start a quick routine, the music began and so did the pain, but it felt good. All of a sudden the time had flown by and we realised we had to make our way to the task, so off we went.

By 19:00 we had all arrived at Samye ready to get going with a list of tasks, we had a white board made up instructing us for the evening.

  • Painting one of the rooms.
  • Emptying out some items from the attic.
  • Weeding the front entrances to the buildings.
  • Weeding around the back in the community garden space.
  • Moving the Buddha water feature from the back to the front seating area.
  • And finally, removing the crocosmia (montbretia) from the front planters.

It was a good job we had 20 of us tonight, so we split into our groups and got to work.

Straight to work were team 'crocosmia', ripping out the plants and bunching them for anyone that wanted to take some home. Whilst a beautiful plant when they flower, they can soon take over a plot by spreading, I will be putting them into planters ready for next year.

Next to get in were the painters, grabbing rollers, trays and paint they made their way into the building to start the transformation. The colours were bright and very Tibetan Buddhist, the room will look wonderful once finished.

Weeding teams got to work at the front and back of the building, getting the paving looking tidy once more and making the whole centre much more welcoming.

Lorraine took up the team to open up the attic and talk them through what needed to be removed, whilst I went over to the final few to start moving the brilliant Buddha water feature. It was by no means a small thing, with the pedestal being made of concrete slabs and blocks, once the attic team had finished they joined up to help move the Buddha and rebuild within our time.

Tools down, get some grub.

Lorraine was a wonderful host tonight and made up some snacks, so it was time to clear up and take some time to chat, laugh and eat. However, it took far too long to get the painting team to put down their rollers and enjoy some food. We will return soon to finish off the painting and get through some additional tasks, don't you worry about that TEAM.

A quick photo and suddenly it was dark and time to get back to our start location. It's time to get your lamps ready........

Wrong LAMP!

Head or body they all work well, but they will most certainly be needed over the next few months so have a look online as we all need to stay safe with our exercise.

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Group run

Helping at Samye Foundation

Tue 21 Sep 18:15 pm
Sport Wales National Centre, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9SW
the building and garden is used by the local communities

3 groups for this task:

Painting .... the 252 shop and reception. Ceiling tiles to paint blue and bay window to paint yellow

Gardening remove lilac plants from stone walls and weed between paving slabs round the back

Shed empty and tidy

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Adam Hammond went on a group run
Group run

goodgym is goodyears ahead (other tyres are available)

Tue 24 Aug
Report written by Michael

Tonight a good 15 gymers got together to help out at a NEW project

Our newest start location was Chapter Arts Centre, making our total run a 7km distance today. Welcome back Adam, it's been so long but feels like you never left.

Michael made the promise of not throwing in extra workouts due to the distance, so we began our warm up over in a car park with the usual high knees, butt kicks etc.

The walk / jog group set off first then the speedy runners 5 minutes later, it was a nice simple straight route for the group session. We arrived just in the nick of time to see the organiser setting up everything that we would need, the tasks were to paint the front of the building to spruce it up, paint some tyres out in the back area to be used as planters once dry, to tidy up the grounds around the side of the building from weeding, hoeing to pruning back the larger vegetation and finally helping to pack up chairs and trestle tables ready for a local charity to borrow in the morning.

We split into teams and got to work, the painters getting busy throwing around the paint to help brighten the Church a bit and the tyres a lot.

Martin and Adam headed inside and began moving trestle tables and then folding chairs and putting them onto the trolley, it didn't take long to complete the work inside so they could then get out and join everyone in the sunshine.

The rest of the crew got busy in the grounds surrounding the building, it didn't take long before the green bin was full and it was all looking much more tidy and clean. We gathered the troop for our group photo, everyone was very chatty tonight but we finally managed a photo.

We made our way back to the start location for some food and a nice social. Next week we will be plogging so get signed up.

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Group run

Painting at St. Timothy's Church

Tue 24 Aug 18:15 pm
Chapter Arts Centre, Market Road, Canton,, Cardiff, CF5 1QE
Getting ready to open back upto the community

This will be the second run here, but our first as a group. We can get the painting completed as a group so let's make this happen.

This will be a longer run so I promise no fitness thrown in 😎

18:15 Meet at CHAPTER
18:30 Head off - active travel 19:00 Task @ St. Timothy's Church 19:30 Head off - active travel 20:00 Social @ Chapter

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Adam Hammond signed up to a race

Virtual Cardiff Half Marathon

Sun 3 Oct 09:00 am
Blackweir Parkrun , Llandaff, Cardiff, CF14 3AT

Please note that this race has been cancelled.

Run Cardiff Half virtually, on your own or with a group of GG members

Cardiff Half Marathon has been postponed for 2021, however a virtual half marathon is being put on instead.

Entry is FREE via the following link (you can also pay for a medal and tshirt if you wish)

Whether this is your first half, or a training run for something else, Goodgym C&V will be running the half together (route tbc). Or if you don't want to run but want to be there cheering us along or running an unofficial aid station, let us know.

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Adam Hammond went on a group run
Group run

Stepping up to the challenge... which involved lots of steps, but no tragedy!

Tue 28 Jan
Report written by Benjamin Annear

Helping at Mackintosh Community Gardens, flyering about GoodGym and plogging the streets - Wooo that was a busy one!

Despite the changeable weather that we had all day in Cardiff, 33 runners showed up to GoodGym this evening, ready and willing to combine their running with doing good in the Cardiff community.

We had 4 new runners this week - AMAZING! Word is getting about how cool GoodGym is and now everyone is keen to get involved. A HUGE WELCOME TO GOODGYM CARDIFF Rob , Sam, Danielle, Grace. We do love having new people come along. GoodGym has so many benefits and we hope you reap the benefits! It's incredible to have you part of the family (Yes, you already feel part of the GG family to us :))


  • We had 2 red lace warriors this evening. Anthony brought Sam to GoodGym this evening and Danielle brought Rob and Grace #LifesGoals
  • Clap Clap Clap to Pete for reaching 50 good deeds!
  • Hip hip hooray to Llion who also reached 50 good deeds!

Don't forget; when you reach 50 good deeds you are able to claim your black goodgym milestone tee

Time to get going!

Tonight it was Ben leading the speedy runners, Ellen leading the runners who planned to run at more of a relaxed pace and Amy led the walk/runners.

  • At this point I would like to express a MASSIVE thank you to all of the run leaders who help make GoodGym accessible to all abilities.

Welcome to Mackintosh Community Gardens

Carol welcomed us to Mackintosh gardens. Mackintosh Community Gardens is well used by all ages and nationalities. Carol has made huge progress in recent years developing the space and the garden is now very much a part of the community.

The tasks this evening included:

  • Building steps
  • Building a woodstore
  • Shifting soil
  • Sweeping leaves

With the combined efforts from everyone at GoodGym this evening, the tasks were completed and the evening was a success!

The flyering and plogging platoon

Whilst the walkers/runners who went with Ellen and Aimee remained at Mackintosh community gardens, Ben took his group flyering the streets. They delivered flyers about GoodGym. You may now be asking why did they flyer about GoodGym? Well, we targeted well known student areas in the Roath area. Students are a population that can sometimes feel isolated, moving to a new area, not having many friends and being away from home. Students can also feel overwhelmed, with many deadlines to meet and exams to revise and sit. GoodGym can benefit the student population, and in order for them to get this benefit, they need to know about us!

Time to head off!

With the task complete and flyers distributed, it was time to head back!

We ran back to Big Moose where we did our warm down, reflected on the night's achievements and shared info about what's coming up over the next couple of weeks!

2020 Tweet Off

WAHOO! Megan you have won the tweet off two consecutive times now and you are moving up the leaderboard!

  • MOH - 2
  • MJ - 2
  • Razzle Dazzle - 1

RunPunStiltskin award

Combined effort from Andrew and Ben this week. Ding Ding Ding. A point to each!

  • EW - 2
  • BA - 2
  • AS- 2
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Adam Hammond signed up to a group run
Group run

Walking/Running to help Carol at Mackintosh Community Gardens

Tue 28 Jan 18:15 pm
Big Moose Coffee Co, 4-5 Frederick Street, Cardiff, CF10 2DB
Join us to do good and get fit

Welcome to GoodGym Cardiff! We're a friendly and social group who combine exercise with helping out in the local community. We meet every week to get active and do a physical task to help the charities and community organisations and projects in our area.

The Tasks:

Carol has got in touch and she needs some help at Mackintosh Community Gardens.

  • The landscapers at Mackintosh Community Gardens collected a large number of old bricks and stones, and Carol would like to make use of them - So there will be a task that involves moving bricks (Building a brick or breeze block log store would be excellent.
  • There is a large compost heap that may need to be moved.
  • More stones may need to be added around the firepit.
  • There are some paving edging stones which would be good to use to reinforce some of the wooden path edging.
  • Last year we made steps for the children to access a section of the garden. The children’s steps are looking quite sad and they need replacing.

The Run/walk:

GoodGym is for everyone. We welcome runners of all abilities and it is often possible to walk to the task if you would prefer. We always have a back-marker so no-one is left behind - we're about achieving something together so you'll always be welcome no matter what your pace is.

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Adam Hammond went on a group run
Group run

In floor a penny, in floor a pound...of brownies! (due to all the milestones we’ve hit!)

Tue 21 Jan
Report written by Benjamin Annear

The world is hearing about what GoodGym Cardiff and The Vale is doing and they are inspired!

The temperature has dropped in Wales over the past week and we've been having temperatures sub zero. Fortunately that didn't stop 32 GoodGym Cardiff runners showing up to GoodGym this evening, though. Tonight at GoodGym we had one new runner, Gareth. Gareth heard about GoodGym a while ago and has been meaning to come for some time - It was so nice to have you join us this evening and we also look forward to meeting your colleague next week too!


  • Congratulations to Darren and Nicola who are having a GoodGym Cardiff baby. Darren and Nicola met through GoodGym. Serendipity in its truest form.
  • A HUGE well done to GoodGym Cardiff Trainer Ben Annear who has reached the 200 good deed milestone
  • Well done to Marie for reaching 50 good deeds!
  • Clap Clap Clap to Mike for reaching 50 good deeds!
  • Hip hip hooray to Lewis who also reached 50 good deeds!

Don't forget; when you reach 50 good deeds you are able to claim your black goodgym milestone tee

Which group will you choose?

We had 3 separate groups tonight. Aimee led the walk run group, Ellen led the relaxed pace group and Ben led the speedy group. Aimee and Ellen took their respective groups along Newport road, up towards Albany road and then straight to St. Edward's Church, whilst Ben took the speedy group through Cathays, up Richmond Road, along Albany road and then up some hills in Roath before heading to the task.

Welcome to St. Edward's Church. The meeting place of Forget-Me-Not

Forget-Me-Not are a support group and Cafe for people feeling isolated and vulnerable with Dementia, Memory loss or Stroke, carers and relatives. Their support groups run every Tuesday 2pm until 4pm at St Edward's Church. They provide a friendly and welcoming environment. They encourage people to come in and have a chat and to make themselves at home.

In order to be able to help this wonderful organisation we had to complete the tasks they had set us. Here were the tasks we were set:

  • Move all of the chairs from the church hall onto the raised area, sweep, mop and dry the floor and return all of the chairs back to their original positions
  • Cut back the overgrown bushes in the church gardens, whilst paying close attention not to disturb the Terrence the hedgehog's home.
  • Clean and sort mugs
  • Clean the church windowsills

Many hands make light work as they say. It took only minutes for everyone to move the chairs. Once the chairs were moved a group of rapid goodgym runners assembled to clean and dry the floor. Once this was done all of the chairs were returned back in their original positions. It was so quick! You know that saying, "blink and you will miss it", well it was almost that quick!

Whilst all that was going on inside the church, outside there was a team cutting back the overgrown bushes. It was cold out but at the speed they were working they wouldn't have noticed.

"Thank you so much. We cannot believe you managed to do all this so quickly. It's remarkable."

Kathie and Alan were both amazed by how quickly we got everything done. They were so thankful and were smiling cheek to cheek. This made the task feel worthwhile.

2020 Tweet Off

Well done Megan! You are now on the leaderboard!

  • MOH - 2
  • MJ - 1
  • Razzle Dazzle - 1

RunPunStiltskin award

Come up with the title of the run report and be in with the chance of winning the RunPunStiltskin award. Well done to EW - You're in the lead!

  • EW - 2
  • BA - 1
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