Wild at Start

3 GoodGymers made their way to help an isolated older person in Westminster.

  • Emily Oldfield
  • Sevan
  • Kash
Saturday, 28th of October 2023

Kash, Em and Sevan stepped out of Mrs J's back door and into a magical garden. It looked like Jack had sowed his beanstalk seed here and many of other plants besides,as everything was overgrown. It was Kash and Sevan's second visit to Mrs J and they could see that everything had shot up over the summer. There must have been some sorcery at play in the soil 🧙.

Mrs J was fed up of the magical soil and how everything in her garden shot up to the sky. She wanted to cut back anything that was overgrown, in particular the 2 trees at the back and one over the little pond, which was both hanging low and reaching up and out to Mrs J's upstairs window.

I don't like manicured gardens. I like them to be a bit wild. This is now too wild.

With only a shiny new pair of shears and a blunt, slightly rusty junior hacksaw, the three GoodGymers got to work. First, they chopped the low branches of the fig and apple trees at the back, then Kash climbed high up the magic figstalk. Em and Sevan had trouble seeing Kash. All they saw were the cuttings raining down, which they raked and bagged as fast as they could. Em must've been feeling the magic of the cuttings as she filled bags at super speed.

When Kash returned from up high, Em took control of the shears and trimmed the tree by the pond. Sevan and Em willed the tall branches to bend towards the ground. As they came within reach of the shears' blades, they were swiftly chopped and bagged too.

With time up, Kash, Em and Sevan realised they'd packed 12 bags full of leaves and branches, with the garden looking much less wild now. Mrs J was so happy with the outcome that she offered each of them some special grape juice, which they declined.

Report written by Sevan

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Emily Oldfield
Emily Oldfield
Sunday October 29th, 2023 12:27

Haha great run report Sevan! A magical session indeed 😋

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