Watching LOTR & The Hobbit for 6 months straight! 😲

1 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Lambeth.

  • Sam Lefevre
Tuesday, 15th of September 2020

No pun for this report, but a FACT!

Ms. M has been served by a few of us, but it was my first time taking care of her groceries. I arrived at 18:00 on the dot to a smiley Ms. M who was delighted to have me and my Scottish accent...playing on the TV was "The Hobbit" and she told me it's been on a loop for the past 6 months as she doesn't want to know what is going on in "real life", she is too scared to face what's going on (on top of a few other things happening in her life these past few months). Still, I thought that was impressive; she knows Elvish and will be visiting New Zealand next year!

She passed the shopping list and £50...that is a lot of money, but her shopping list was quite extensive... So this time I took a picture of the money, the shopping list and later the receipt to ensure there was going to be no disputes.

I rushed over to Sainsbury's to buy all her items and it came up to £41.80, so £8.20 change... Which I gave her.

She was so pleased that she had all the items to entertain her friend that she hasn't seen for 2 years in two days time! Hope it all goes well Ms. M 😊

Report written by Sam Lefevre

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