The Cat in the Flat

1 GoodGymer made their way to help an isolated older person in Camden.

  • anne malcolm
Sunday, 2nd of July 2023

The delightful Mrs I has adopted a house cat, which she would like to let out on the balcony. Musafa the cat clearly has an adventurous streak as initial forays onto the balcony have resulted in him atop the bamboo partition between Mrs I and her neighbour. As Mrs lives on the 4th floor, the balcony needs to be cat-proofed to prevent the cat using up all its 9 lives at once. As a rescue cat, found with missing teeth and a scarred face, there's no knowing how many of those special cat lives have already been lived.

The cat protection plan is to install mesh around the balcony. The particularly clever bit is that the mesh will be attached to hinged upright poles, which gently tip the mesh back towards the balcony (and safety) if the cat starts climbing the mesh.

But the installation of this ingenious rigging is a job for another day by a professional. The GoodGym task at hand was a simple, enabling job - to move a few pots to make space for the workman to install the mesh. Contrary to the task title, there were in fact only two pots to move, rather than four. The detail missing from the task description was that the pots contain an oak tree and an apple tree! Luckily, both pots were plastic and therefore reasonably light and willing to move. A statue Buddah came along for the ride.

In no time at all, the trees were repositioned and Mrs I was delighted that the next part of the job could proceed.

Report written by anne malcolm

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Birmingham runner
Birmingham runner
Monday July 3rd, 2023 11:41

Well done, Anne!!

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