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Poly-tunnel vision

4 GoodGymers made their way to help the PNK Garden in Southwark.

  • Southwark runner
  • Laura Grant
  • Tori Jing
  • Sophia
Sunday, 26th of March 2023
Led by Southwark runner

This rainy morning, Laura, Tori, Sophia and I went to PNK Garden to help build a polytunnel. Hosting us was Lara, founder of PNK Garden, but calling the shots was Lindsay, who had the instructions and the know-how. 👷

We started cautiously, counting through all the pieces and grouping them into sets of pieces that would go together, and then assembling sections together. Another PNK volunteer, Chris arrived just in time, to screw all the parts that we had assembled together, using a power drill.

Once the four "loops" of the polytunnel were up, we could start to see how everything fit together and we worked together to get rest of the frame up. This sometimes involved undoing parts and redoing them, as we learned how the frame was supposed to hold together. We were interrupted twice by well-meaning neighbours who had opinions about how to do it! By then, Tori, Sophia and I were so invested that we decided to stay a bit longer to see the frame to its finish. It was totally worth it; see the end product in the photos!

Report written by Southwark runner


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Laura Grant
Laura Grant
Sunday March 26th, 2023 22:09

Love the aerial shot!

Tori Jing
Tori Jing
Sunday March 26th, 2023 23:44

Applause for all the lovely volunteers!

Monday March 27th, 2023 20:17

We worked well together! Thank you all for your hard work! We have made some progress.

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