Looking a bit pastey

1 GoodGymer made their way to help an isolated older person in Coventry.

  • Katherine
Tuesday, 17th of January 2023

1 goodgymer enjoyed a winter walk in the sunshine to help an older person with a task.

Mr A had noticed some of his wallpaper has started to curl up at the edges and was keen to fix it himself, but couldn't reach the top of the wall without using a step ladder which he's not able to do. Katherine however was able to help with this task, and whilst the wallpaper glue was not the stickiest(!) Katherine did her best. Katherine and Mr A also talked about other things they had in common, such as enjoying dancing (Mr A likes rock'n'roll and jive, whilst Katherine enjoys tap and jazz).

Mr A seemed very happy with the result and said he now felt confident finishing off the lower areas of wallpaper that he can easily reach himself.

Report written by Katherine

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Suzanne Vost
Suzanne Vost
Wednesday January 18th, 2023 09:20

Looks like a job well done! :)

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