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It's a hard lock life for us!

31 runners ran 5.0km to help the Cecil Sharp House in Camden.

  • Pritesh Mistry
  • Steve Coman
  • Paul Bown
  • Jay Rosenberg
  • Frances Powrie
  • Elizabeth Pang
  • Camden runner
  • Kat Kelly
  • Alex Brown
  • Alex
  • Hanry Alexander Heatherwick-Lammers
  • Samantha
  • Katie Roberts
  • Rob Riley
  • Sally
  • Elizabeth
  • Steven Jarman
  • Barnet runner
  • Tom McCann
  • Caz Steer
  • Charlotte
  • Rachel Ho
  • Zameer Merchant
  • Rea Qunta
  • Ellie Johnson
  • Philippa Munitz
  • Emma
  • Clare Bennett
  • Ashley
  • Mark Rowden
  • Rory Duffy
Wednesday, 17th of July 2019
Led by Paul Bown

30 Goodgymers ran 4-6km to help Cecil Sharp House and Story Garden!

Welcome along to newbies Ashley, and. - great to have you along!

In the news this week:

  1. A huge well done to Katie Roberts for hiting 50 good deeds last night - amazing work in a year and a half!
  2. Also fantastic work to Alex Coyle who hit 100 Good Deeds last night, he's ran with Goodgym for two and a half years!
  3. Community Missions this weekend helping SPCA on Saturday and CREOS on Sunday.

Story Garden Report by Liz:

Frances led a team of 8 runners to Story garden, where they split into two teams for a super short garden blitz.

One team spread endless amount of wood chip (bizarrely containing several golf balls), while the other team filled some planters with soil for a community garden space. Small children helped out both teams, but as they'd already been listed as a potential hazard in the safety briefing, no one got hurt.

Afterwards, Frances led part of the group on a 4km run around Granary Square and Liz took the remainder on a walking tour that mostly consisted of playing with a semaphore-based art installation (they were thrown off it by a small child, also eager to play).

Double Task. Double Good!

Cecil Sharp House Report:

22 of us headed to help Cecil Sharp House, the home of English Folk Song and Dance. We ran for just less than 2k other meet Susannah who explained about all the amazing permaculture gardens and charity work that goes across the site.

She split us into in the following groups:

  • Hiren and Jay watered the plants with hoses in the front and back gardens. Those plants need a drink!
  • A team of seven weeded and cleared the car park and shed area.
  • Everyone else was spread across the back garden sweeping up, scrapping between the cracks and weeding.
  • Different people took turns to aerate the walled garden lawn - including Ashley, Jay and Rob!

Getting between the new security locked doors was interesting, but we managed (no one was left behind). Over 35 minutes we got tons done, making Susannah very happy! We took a group picture and then headed to Primrose Hill - we learnt how to run up and down hill:

  • Up - straight back, driving the arms back (not crossing over) and driving the knees up higher than normal.
  • Down - leaning forwards, arms out to the side for balance and stepping more than normal.

We then ran back to base, to stretch and go to the pub.

Sign up for next week here, Frances will be leading the group and you'll be off to Scope Charity Shop.

PB out

Report written by Paul Bown

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Jay Rosenberg
Jay Rosenberg
Thursday July 18th, 2019 23:50

Paul, I was there last night but didn't get a brownie point/ tick against my name/ good deed/ feather of an angel's wing etc. ;D

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Led by

Paul Bown

Paul Bown
Previous Trainer for Camden and Islington, England Athletics Qualified Endurance Coach, 2h51 marathoner, & big sweet potato advocate

Runners helping out

  • Photographers

    Take photos for the run report

    • Elizabeth
    • Frances Powrie
  • Report Writer

    Will be in charge of writing the run report

    • Elizabeth
  • Back marker

    Make sure that no one is left behind

    • Pritesh Mistry

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