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It'll be All White on the Night!

22 runners ran 3.9km to help the St Davids Church in Exeter.

  • Exeter runner
  • Rachel White
  • Ginnie Day
  • Klara Kjellgren
  • Joe Willcocks
  • Exeter runner
  • Sarah Benthall
  • Exeter runner
  • Lisa
  • Pete Hodges
  • Andy
  • Lawrence Schneck
  • Anna Cawrse
  • Nic Walker
  • Sarah Johnson
  • Emma
  • Clàudia Abancó
  • Craig Barber
  • Jack Syder-Mills
  • Charlie
  • Harry Hawkins
  • Aled Midha
Tuesday, 21st of January 2020
Led by Klara Kjellgren

Not sure what was most amazing this evening! The fact that 22 runners came out in the cold to run and do good OR the fact that we managed to smash TWO tasks! What a night! We ran between between 2 and 4 k and painted the Parish room in St Davids church white AND delivered leaflets for Ride On. AMAZING!

A very warm welcome Emma, Jack, Charlotte, Harry and Aled who joined us from Exeter University's Cool Running Society. Also fantastic to have Ginnie with us for her first GoodGym session. We hope you enjoyed it and come back soon again!

Getting Fit

We started the evening with a fun-filled dynamic warm-up session outside the Phoenix. Not sure what warmed us up the most, the laughing or the exercises? All the same, we felt ready to run and set off towards the task location.

As we were a big group with mixed abilities we divided ourselves in two different speed groups. To make it a bit more fun the faster group had to run down under the Iron Bridge whilst the gentle group ran on top off. Great work everyone! As always we re-grouped at regular intervals so that no-one got left behind and we made the most of these stops by carrying out some lunges, squats and press-ups.

Our fitness session today was a HIIT style circuit training session. HIIT training is great as you can get a lot out of it in a very short amount of time, it tones your body really well and it also makes your metabolism work hard for hours afterwards. The task owners very kindly let us do this inside the church. What an incredible place for our fitness session!

Fantastic effort everyone! You totally smashes the burpees, squat jumps, planks and crunches! I hope you LOVED IT!

Doing Good-A TWO-TASK Tuesday!

As we were a big group this evening we decided to try out two tasks for the first time! Exciting times in Exeter hey!

Lisa, Pete and Helen, our brilliant task force members, took charge of the painting in the Parish room in St Davids church. This room is used for a soup kitchen and other charity work. What a top task for us to get involved with. And what a fantastic job everyone who worked there did!

In 45 minutes they transformed the room completely!

The other task this evening was leafleting for Ride On, a charity that works to make Exeter greener and healthier through refurbishing bikes, providing bike maintenance courses and cycling advice among other things. The leafleters also smashed their task! In 30 minutes they managed to deliver 300. They were in fact so quick that I just had to give them some extra squat challenges and agility work to carry out before we returned to the church.

Shout Outs

  • Big thank you to Nic who back marked. Such an important job!

  • Great work Helen for leading the gentle run group. It was fab with two speed options for our big group!

  • Thank you Pete, Lisa and Helen for supervising the task in the Parish room! It was fantastic that we managed to get two tasks done in one evening, so really BIG THANK YOU!

  • Love all the new colorful leggings guys! Just waiting for the "meggings" now. No names mentioned. You know who you are!

  • Thank you to the lovely task owners for letting us do our fitness session in the church AND for giving us teas and biscuits! So nice!

  • MASSIVE shout out to all of you for coming out this freezing evening! You are the best! So much achieved and so much fun! Also, we haven't had such a big group since September. Let's keep this up, I would love to see you all next week again!

Next Up

Next week will be our last week of working in St Davids church. It will be fantastic to see the end result! Sign up here to come along.

On Saturday we are meeting at Killerton Parkrun for a fun and muddy 5 k run. Sign up here to join. It will be an epic trail run, lots of mud and lots of stunning views! Come on, you will love it! Cake and coffee to follow!

Report written by Klara Kjellgren

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Led by

Klara Kjellgren

Klara Kjellgren
Trainer for GoodGym Exeter, coming summer 2019.

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