Training session

Something Different Was Done.

4 runners ran on a training session in Chelmsford.

  • Laurie Glendinning
  • David Chatterjee
  • Jenny Skinner
  • Leanne Body
Saturday, 23rd of May 2020
Led by Rich Walker

Hi All,

with the weather getting better and the lockdown easing i thought it might be a good idea to give yourselves an opportunity to try something new or maybe give yourself the chance to do the thing you wish you could do but never had the time.

I know it wasn't easy but well done to David, Laurie, Jenny and Leanne for giving it a crack and hopefully finding something new or something they had forgotten to enjoy.

David's "chairobics" looked impressive whilst also looking painful and if that doesn't re-align his spine i don't know what will.

Laurie's home workout session is proper hardcore and and I'm sure will give her the strength she needs to smash any future races that might/hope to come in the future.

Jenny's first bike ride in over 1 and half years was a great example of getting back into things and bonus of spending time with her Father

Leanne's 5km run followed by what looks like some kind of body weight gymnastic ( please correct me ) looks like great fun and I'm gonna try and get Jane to try a few of these with me.

So, well done all.....

But there can only be 1 winner....

And that is......

Dominic Cummings for his 260 mile trip during lockdown. Well done Dom, now that is new and no one saw it coming #InthisTogether

(only joking)

The real winner is........


The idea of this challenge was to give yourself the chance to expand and develope new ways to exercise and maybe find something new or something you had stopped doing to enjoy. While everyones efforts were fantastic and i encourage others to give it a go, Laurie's home workout feels like something she had been wanting to do for a while. And now hopefully its something she enjoys and can use in the future.

So a big Congrats to Laurie, to the others who took part and to anyone thinking of giving something new a go.

There will be a new challenge coming soon and hopefully see some of you whilst i'm out on a bike ride or running.

until then

Run Happy


Report written by Rich Walker

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