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Do we have to spell it out?

16 runners ran 13.7km on a training session in Bournemouth.

  • Caprice Mcwilliams
  • Daryl Venner
  • Andrew Collinson
  • Neil Armstead
  • Manuel Laurijssen
  • Laura
  • Sarah
  • John Sargeant
  • Bournemouth runner
  • Fredrika
  • Hannah
  • Amber Moore
  • Charlotte Bourton
  • Sue MacDermott
  • Keith Baker
  • Karen Bourton
Wednesday, 15th of April 2020
Led by Manuel Laurijssen

This week the challenge taken on by the Bournemouth gang was to write out a letter on their Wednesday run. And the brilliant idea came from Hannah, so thank you Hannah for that!

For many, and probably most, it was a completely new experience.

Each person was messaged individually what letter they were to map out....and soon it became apparent that some would need a lot more planning than others!!

John, who has to self isolate for 12 weeks due to health reasons, risked his life to complete his challenge and therefore I included his proud selfie!

So the gang set out dutifully to write out their letter, not sure what it would end up spelling, once combined with everyone else's. With some late additions, the original message was changed and adapted. THe original message to be written out was GOODGYM, but with more people signing up the next message was Thank you NHS.....(which someone had chalked on to the pavement on my attempt to create a S), then more sign ups meant the message changed again and we had to get a little more creative..

The end result was:


Not a bad effort at all and I think this may lead us to even greater efforts. Let us know you favourite letter efforts...there were some really good ones!

Cast in order of appearance on the collage:

G - Sue O - Charlotte O - John D - Fredrika G - Hannah Y - Andrew M - Neil

L - Amber O - Lea and Keith V - Caprice E - Sarah S - Manu

N - Laura H - Daryl S - Karen

♡ - Caprice

Great effort everyone!! Hope you enjoyed it. Next week we are going to try a Zoom fitness session from the comfort of our own homes. Another first experience for most of us I'm sure. I'm happy to also set a running challenge for those who prefer that.

Have a great day everyone!

Report written by Manuel Laurijssen

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Bournemouth runner
Bournemouth runner
Thursday April 16th, 2020 09:12

Great report again! Thanks Manu for the “nudge” !

Janet Beauchamp
Janet Beauchamp
Friday April 17th, 2020 08:54

Love this! Well done 👍

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