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Sarah done 100 good deeds with GoodGym. 🤩

Saturday 3rd February



Sarah done 100 good deeds with GoodGym.

Sarah has just reached another level: 100 good deeds with GoodGym. That's at least 100 times when they could have easily done something easier. But they didn't, Sarah has kept going and going. Helping a lot of other people and getting a bit fitter at the same time. Congratulations Sarah.

Caprice McWilliams
Sarah went on a community mission

Sat 3rd Feb at 10:00am

Leaves no trace 🌿

Bournemouth Report written by Caprice McWilliams

A big congratulations to Sarah as today's session marked her 100th good deed with GoodGym!! She loves getting her hands dirty and this was the perfect task to celebrate that achievement. She even got a cheeky Vegan Doughnut for her efforts! Go Sarah. We can't wait to see you in your new 100 Tshirt! This Saturday's mission was to help Martha at The Talbot Village Trust. The woodland on the estate had become very overgrown and we were were given the task of of clearing away the overgrowth. Using the loppers and the saws provided the group got to work cutting back the brambles and the overgrown Laurel. It was an incredibly satisfying task clearing space for the beautiful oak trees,allowing them room to flourish. After a good hour of hard work, Martha treated the team to a hot cuppa and sweet treats, she is so good to her volunteers!! After refreshments we got straight back to it, what a great team effort, in just three hours we smashed it! Thanks to Lea and Eleanor for some action shots and a big shout out to everyone else who sacrificed their lazy Saturday morning. You really are the best of the best!! Hopefully it won't be last time that we help The Talbot Village Trust. It's been a pleasure to meet Martha and we wish her all the best with her work at The Trust. Next session is this Monday at Hope Housing, so hopefully see you there!

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Caprice McWilliams
Sarah went on a community mission

Sat 20th Jan at 10:00am

Can't see the Wood for the Tree's

Bournemouth Report written by Daryl Venner

Eight Goodgymers meet at the Cafe at Slades farm plus Lea brought a friend along thank you so much for Bringing him along we must get him signed up. We where meet by Martha the Task owner from Talbot Village Trust who gave us an overview of the Trust which was very interesting to hear so much about the local History.We all made our way to the woods where we where shown what needed to be done Sarah,Sophie and Milly started to clear an entrance of Holly which had grown out of control.Lea,Janet,Eleanor and Daryl started to clear an area of low lying Brambles .After an Hour we had made good progress we stopped for a much earned tea or coffee and to our surprise Martha pass round Donuts which went down a treat.At this point we where joined by Caprice who had a bad morning after spending a Evening with Friends woke to find she had a flat tyre after getting the puncture repaired she still managed to make it .that is dedication thank you so much for making it after the morning you had.We all set back to the Task in hand Daryl helping Sarah get some big Branches down we where soon clearing up and packing all the equipment away Martha was more than pleased with the work we had done.We all said our goodbyes and made our way home knowing we had done a great Mornings work well done to you all .Ilook forward to seeing you all on the next task.

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Caprice McWilliams