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Being an Enigma

Create your own code for others to crack


Please note that this training session has been cancelled.

Having excelled at finding clues and letters and objects, now you will be part of the Bletchley Park team cracking codes- like the enigma code. So, I'm hoping it isn't too tricky but 1. Decide on your code- second letter of the word, number relates to letter in the alphabet etc. 2. Plan your clues. 3. Take photos of your clues. 4. Post these. and on a separate post with a warning post the code so your fellow GoodGymmers can solve your code! e.g. 1.Second letter of the word 2. eGg sOck bOx oDd 3rd letter of the word peG skY muM 3. Take photos of the objects / clues 4. Share photos in WhatsApp group or send to me Don't forget to join us for the quiz at 8pm :)

Date and time

18:15 - 20:00 Tuesday, 26th of May 2020

Led by

Liz Pharoah

Liz Pharoah
Trainer for GoodGym Coventry. Likes to run and swim, in plenty of open spaces and open water.

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