Wood we be foiled by a postponed task?

4 Goodgymers helped their local community in Barnet
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Saturday 17th February

Report written by John Shirley

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Five experienced good-deeders arrived at Highgate Woods cafe to be greeted by friend-of-GoodGym Cindy, who's been the ranger at the woods for decades, and has been working with us for a good few of those years.

It was a cold, dry morning, but recent rain left the area where the planned task was to take place, rather too muddy and wet. So instead, we were given litter-pickers and bags, and sent to clear the woods of any unwanted packaging and drink containers.

At first glance, the area looked remarkably litter-free, but further inspection within prickly bushes, and especially behind benches, revealed the presence of a veritable treasure trove of crisp packets, plastic bottles and drink cans.

Task completed, we look forward to returning to this great spot soon, to undertake the original planned task.

Session Leader
Area activator
John Shirley
Yesika Garcia Quintana
Cherian Li
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Paul Salman

Sun 18th Feb at 11:24am

Excellent work everyone!