What’s black and white and filling?!

7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Bournemouth
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Sunday 28th April

Report written by Bournemouth runner

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Six Goodgymmers, Cora, Daryl, Sue, James, Keith and Lea, were all raring to have another go at painting the walls of TOSH. Cora had a list of task for us: screwing down loose plasterboards, filling holes and ridges and painting walls and (bits of) ceilings. James stuck to whitening the walls in the main room, Sue was happily whitening walls and ceilings in the ‘facilities’ 🙃, Keith happily filling lots of holes and Daryl was fighting with an old wall, where the paint came off quicker than he could put it on. But Daryl stuck to it and… he won 💪! The entrance hall wall looked welcomingly white at the end. And Lea, judging by the state of her hands, had a run in with white filler and black paint. Even her clothes confirmed this 🙈! The nicely screwed in white plasterboards got a total “revamp”, causing some “oh my”, “really?!”, “that looks awful”, “that’s not grey!” and “Yikes” comments…. But we all agreed that once the whole lot was done, it was actually looking pretty good!!! Nice choice, Cora!

Andy, a potential Goodgymmer, came to see what a Goodgym session is all about, and joined in quite happily. Hope to see you soon again, Andy.

Oh and not only the holes and ridges were filled: our stomachs were as well with all the delicious bites laid out for us during a coffee break.

Thank you everyone for your hard work.

This task supported
TOSH Community Space - Decorate for Relaunch
We are hoping to fill, paint and polish up our community space ready for a relaunch in May following major works to the building

We are a community space offering access to creativity, wellbeing, and creative business support and growth, through a combination of free and affordable workshops and rentable space. Our mission is to provide more opportunities for those living in the Boscombe area (and beyond), and to contribute toward positive change in Boscombe.

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Cora Clarke
Jason Leaming
Keith Baker
Daryl Venner
Sue MacDermott
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Helping Hope Housing - Gardening task 🌳🌷🪻
🗓Monday 17th June 6:15pm

Assisting staff and volunteers at Hope Housing

Caprice McWilliamsDaryl Venner
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