Weed, donโ€™t need no vegetation

11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Bromley
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Monday 19th February

Report written by Mark Gilyead (he/him)

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11 legends used their Monday night to get in a jog and a good weeding deed for TNG Youth Centre.

We kicked off the evening with names and the place weโ€™d love to wake up in. Some spectacular choices ranging from Patagonia to Japan to Antarctica.

After a quick warm up we headed to Sydenham. This was a DIY session with nothing but us, our gloves and the weeds.

Some nasty brambles were no match for Molly, and Adam cleverly suggested a spot in the bushes across the road for our piles of vegetation ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Once we'd scraped, yanked and whispered (yup) all the weeds out, we headed round the corner to the (apparently) famous 'SNUFFLE' - a wine bar, cafe and dog groomers/spa, "probably for tax reasons", said Emma.

We headed back via a different route. We had a wallsit competition. Cat won! ๐Ÿ†

And finally we did some stretches and a few of us had a beverage. NICE.

Session Leader
Area activator
Molly Smith
Rosie Rich
Emma King
Clare S
Mark Gilyead
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Weeding at Alexandra rec
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Help maintain the newly planted hedgerows

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