The not so loneliness of the long distance runner!

14 Goodgymers helped their local community in Birmingham
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Tuesday 24th October 2017

Report written by Jonny Carter

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14 people ran 11k to FareShare to organise a food order

Tonight, it was great to welcome two newcomers to GG Brum, both Evelyn and Rob, it’s great to have you involved. They both chose a top night for their first group run, it was to be the longest one yet. We have been to FareShare before, but with the night’s drawing in we had to take a slightly different route this time, avoiding the canal, making it around an extra 1k in total. After the introductions Aidan, fresh back from his trip across the Atlantic to America kindly offered to back mark and I led from the front

Time to chill

Once arriving at our task destination, everyone was on the hot and sweaty side, the temperatures are quite high for the end of October, been a Yorkshireman this is good though……it saves on heating bills! Anyway, what better way to cool down than a nice big walk-in fridge! Everyone got in and with Chan missing Rob (the original) did the honours of taking the selfie. Once that was done it was on with sorting the order. Everyone mucked in carrying food to the van were Aaron organised it. I took plenty of photos including a few good 'mug shots'!

it’s a bit late

We were a bit late leaving the task as it was a slightly bigger food order this time, but we were keen to get it finished so the group were happy to get back to 1000 Trades a little later than usual. Anyway, we all headed back together, everyone worked well on the run back, as after the run there, then the task the group were likely to be ‘feeling it’ by the end, apart from Aaron who said he felt better on the way back! Sam pushed hard all the way back and Morwenna ran strongly. Abbie also put in some great work for her first run with GG for a few weeks and a special mention must go to Evelyn, who really did get thrown in at the deep end on her first group run, but she did fantastic! So, that was that, 11k in total, officially the longest GG Brum run since we started in January, so well done every single one of the group! Next week we will be out doing good again, it would be great if you could join us sign up here.

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This task supported
FareShare West Midlands
Fighting hunger, tackling food waste

They are a food redistribution charity – they take good food that would otherwise go to waste, and sort it for it to be redistributed to local charities who can give it to those in need.

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Chan S Nandhray

Tue 24th Oct 2017 at 10:59pm

Well done everyone. Great selfie Rob!!!