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14 Goodgymers helped their local community in Windsor and Maidenhead
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Windsor and Maidenhead

Wednesday 14th February

Report written by Jess Smith

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14 Goodgymmers breezed through the task at St Luke's School!

Everyone made their way to the school and we gathered in the car park to hear our list of tasks from Juli:

  • Dismantle the shed
  • Remove the plants from the planters
  • Dismantle the planters
  • Remove the soil
  • Clear weeds between the paving slabs
  • Sweep the area

Although this sounds like a lot, the shed was quickly reduced to planks, the plants were uprooted, the planters were ousted, the soil was cleared and the weeds were extracted and the area was swept! If you blinked you missed it all!

All the debris was piled into the skip out the front and the soil was placed in a heap next to it. This was done using the largest wheelbarrow we had come across, so not as many trips were needed, and some old fashioned people power!

The team couldn't believe how quickly the list was completed and everyone gathered for a group photo on the benches in the lovely clear play area.

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This task supported
St Luke's Church of England School
Cherish, Challenge, Aspire & Achieve

A Church of England primary school near the centre of Maidenhead. 'Our vision is to provide all our pupils with opportunities to shine, develop and flourish.'

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Slough runner

Wed 14th Feb at 11:54pm

That shed was pulled apart pretty quickly! Great report Jess!

Manjit Birk

Thu 15th Feb at 8:56am

Well done to our Jen for reaching her 400th good deed at this task! Super proud of all our achievements

Amy L
Amy L (she/her)

Fri 16th Feb at 7:57am

Well done superstars! With an extra big cheer for Jen! 😍👏🥳