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4 Goodgymers helped their local community in Liverpool
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Monday 10th July 2023

Report written by Sophie McClellan

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This week, a small (some would say perfectly formed) group of goodgymmers met, once again, at the Urban Green Up Park Lane site.

It was fabulous to see all the plants looking so healthy, thanks in no small part to our previous weeding efforts.

This time, the main culprits were thistles and we had soon amassed a huge pile of weeds! Along the way, Ema found some glasses (!?) and Sally Ann discovered some rogue strawberries. Whilst working away, it felt like we were making little progress, but as soon as we stood back it was clear the impact we had had. We can't wait to see the plants continue to flourish - well done everyone!

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URBAN GreenUP is a EU-funded project which aims at developing, applying and validating a methodology for Renaturing Urban Plans to mitigate the effects of climate change, improve air quality and water management and increase the sustainability of our cities through innovative nature-based solutions.

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Ema Quinn
Sallyann Hardwick
Laura Waller
Sophie McClellan
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Teaming up with Friends of Everton Park! *Social Run as no Run Leader available*
🗓Today 6:30pm

Helping the park volunteers keep our park with the spectacular views in shape!

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