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4 Goodgymers helped their local community in Sheffield
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Monday 23rd October 2023

Report written by Tom Mutton

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We had a new runner along to tonights task.

A BIG GG welcome to...


Please give her a woop, hola and cheer!

It was Amal's first run for quite a while and she did fantastically well on a hilly and long route. She maintained being able to chat with Celine who did an EXCELLENT job of being a really encouraging and supporting run buddy!

Really nice to see new people from other areas of the city getting involved with GG. Amal hails from Parsons Cross which is an area we haven't had people come from before. Amal said she had a great time and is looking to come back again next week! We hope to see you soon Amal!

This weeks task took us up, up and up to Heeley Green to meet with Fran Elliot and two neighbours to help with the green space the community there has taken ownership of.

This week the main task was to try and edge back the overgrown grass, brambles and weeds that were enroaching onto the path. In a relitively small space of time we got a lot done and it was a very noticeable and enjoyable task!

Hopefully we will be back again to continue the great work going on in this space of the city!

Until next time, happy running! :)

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Heeley Green Community Garden
Community garden in Heeley.

Group of volunteers meet to keep the garden tidy once a week.

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Celine (she/her or they/them)

Tue 24th Oct 2023 at 12:15pm

Welcome Amal! Thank you for the report Tom!