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2 Goodgymers helped their local community in Ealing
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Monday 19th February

Report written by StephDucat

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Monday morning and time to go and offload groceries off the vans for South Ealing Community Food cupboard. As expected, the 1st van delivered at 830 am before group of volunteers arrived. Now it was a game of waiting for the 2nd van to arrive 😀. We had to be patient, even if it takes a little longer. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I bet they were Rome-ing around in the meantime. After an hour of waiting, the van arrived and then we could unload all the groceries and get then inside the Church cupboard for distribution later in the day.

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South Ealing Community Food Cupboard
The SEC Food Cupboard will offer good quality surplus food items to anyone who would like to come and collect them for their personal use.

The SEC Food Cupboard is a community project set up to reduce waste. A group of local volunteers receives/collects surplus food from the supermarkets (Eg via Felix Project) and makes it available to anyone and everyone from the local area. The SEC Food Cupboard is available to all – its aim is purely to reduce waste and everyone can help with that. Always Free! The selection of food items each week will vary according to what is surplus food on that day.

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Leafletting for Reduce and Recycle Hub for Acton Market
🗓Today 6:30pm

It will promote the hub and as a result will increase recycling and reduce waste in the area

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