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6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Tower Hamlets
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Tower Hamlets

Monday 4th December 2023

Report written by Laura Williams

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Meeting under the arch at pretty St Leonard’s Priory Park just before 7, the team were all ready for tonight’s fitness session.

We focused on dynamic warm-up moves, single-leg exercises, balance moves and some standing core work, before finishing with plenty of stretches aimed at the upper body after a long day at the desk.

Task owner Larry joined towards the end of the workout, talking Oliver through leaf blower basics before we gathered for tonight’s briefing.

After clearing the path speedily of leaves (Oliver got to grips with the leaf blower in no time) we set about weeding the path, in a straight line (a tougher task than it looked).

Pushing back soil, grass (and worms) without creating an uneven surface was no mean feat. Some skillful techniques were required, including Rohan’s accurate string line and Fiona’s very precise scoring.

Up the path we moved, marveling at what the workout this was. From the isometric squats to the shoveling of wet mud, everything from obliques to delts got a look-in here.

At shortly after 8, we were heading back down the path, tools in-tact, debating tonight’s pun, before posing for that all-important final pun.

Next week, we return to Hollybush Gardens to help Margaret give the Ellsworth Street flower beds a winter makeover.

Until then.

Session Leader
This task supported
St Leonard's Priory Park
A community project developing St. Leonard’s Priory open space.

Bow Church parishioners, residents and small, local community organisations are gradually developing what was the Cemetery at St Leonard’s Priory into a small park. It is hoped that an increasing number of local residents will be encouraged to not only enjoy the open space, along with the history of the site, throughout the year, but also explore volunteering opportunities too. Garden volunteers from the local church community have been working with Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park to tidy up the space and make it more accessible. Part of the regeneration plan will involve the inclusion picnic benches to establish a seating area for community activities, as well as for people to sit and enjoy the garden.

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