Happy Birthday Cheer with an Athletic Brewing Co Alcohol Free Beer……..

5 Goodgymers helped their local community in Bexley
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Monday 5th February

Report written by Tim Dickson

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Tonight Goodgym Bexley celebrated their 7th Birthday with a mission to St. Michaels Church. We had a few jobs to do, one included taking down the Christmas tree. It certainly came down quicker than it went up 🙌🏻 It was then on to dusting, sweeping and polishing which not only made the church look great but smell great to.

Last night we also welcomed Ruth a new Goodgymer who ran to and from the mission, well done and welcome to the gang Ruth.

To celebrate our Birthday month our thirsts were refreshed with an Athletic Brewing Co brew which really went down a treat. Thank you so much for the cans Athletic Brew Co, Bexley Goodgym absolutely loved them.

Massive hi 5 to Caz, Sandra, Martin and all the team from the church for making us feel extremely welcome every month and for suppling the biscuits, you guys rock !! See you all next month 🙌🏻

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