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15 Goodgymers helped their local community in Birmingham
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Tuesday 30th January 2018

Report written by Jonny Carter

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15 people ran 6k to the Girl Guide Association to clean around the outside of the building

Tonight, we were off to the girl guides with another good attendance on a cold January night. Summer will be here before for you know it…….hopefully! Anyway, we got on our way taking the canal route towards Brindley Place and then along to the Mail Box before arriving at our destination. The task was quite a quick one tonight, as we were all done in around ten to fifteen minutes. It was just a case of sweeping the car park and getting rid of the moss around the building.

De-tour and Bootcamp time

Once done we handed the equipment back to a grateful Maureen and after a quick photo the group were keen to get moving again as for some reason the temperature seemed to have dramatically dropped! Due to the task being on the quick side we added on an extra loop through the city centre before heading to our Bootcamp venue of St Paul’s Square. The group started off with some incline press ups on the benches followed by some reverse tricep dips to really get the back of the arms burning! They even held the position hovering above the floor for 30 seconds on the last set, causing a red-hot burn!! Aaron was smashing them out like he had spent a stint at her Majesty’s pleasure, Garry and Paige put in some great work, Kate H put in some top press ups on her first Tuesday night GG group run, and Kate E worked well as always on her first group run of 2018. Once done with that it was into some plank work again using the benches followed with some squat jumps and finishing with one last set of tricep dip holds. Laura and Karin worked hard together, and Abi showed she had really been working hard on her core strength and muscular endurance showing great form on all the exercises. As always, all the group supported each other and put on a top display that I’m sure the passers-by were impressed with! I know I was! Phew!! After all that we just had the short jog back to our base!

Next week we will be out doing good again, it would be great if you could join us sign up here.

Session Leader
Andrew Tromans
Amy Bird
John Paddington
Kate Edmunds
Paige Bradley
Maria Fernandez
Jonny Carter
Laura Smith
Aidan Wheeler
David Halford
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Leafleting for Change Kitchen
🗓Tomorrow 6:15pm

Change Kitchen provide access to healthy eating for disadvantaged people

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