Come train or shine

9 Goodgymers helped their local community in Tower Hamlets
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Tower Hamlets

Monday 3rd April 2023

Report written by Laura Williams

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Well, technically the sun was shining, but was it a warm night for fitness? Absolutely not.

Nonetheless a good-sized group of us gathered in Meath Gardens for tonight's fitness session. We welcomed Ben and Hannah who were joining us for the first time (you did brilliantly, and we really look forward to seeing you again soon!).

Background to the session

With some fabulous Spring tasks around the corner, a quiet start to April as we head into the Easter break made tonight the perfect opportunity to catch up on some fitness.

With playlist and mini bands at the ready, the little group of GoodGymers sped through some brilliant moves, warming up with walking lunges and band walks.

We rotated exercises, so just as one muscle group was growing a little fatigued, we moved onto another.

With most of tonight's participants being regular cyclists and runners, who also happen to enjoy the odd half marathon, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to catch up on those physio's faves, such as the time-honoured, single-leg squat and side-lying clam, not to mention an old school static stretch or two.

The time flew (well, I thought so any way), and as 8pm hit, we were looking up at a clear blue sky to finish, hamstrings stretched, ready for dinner, and pleased to have got the week off to such a productive start.

An excellent Monday evening. Well done team.

Until next time.

Session Leader
Eva Merkel
Ben Ireland
Fiona M
Laura Williams
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